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Featured Myducati App Is Here: The Entire Ducati World Always At Hand

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Sep 21, 2020.

    • Ducati launches MyDucati App, the mobile app to keep up to date with all the news from Ducati and access special content and exclusive previews
    • Thanks to the new app, Ducatisti always have the data of their motorcycles with them and can locate the nearest dealer to contact them quickly
    • In the digital garage fans can configure their dream bike to share with the community, friends and dealers
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 21 September 2020 – Ducati launches MyDucati App, the mobile app that allows all fans to stay connected with the Ducati world at all times, finding everything in one place.

    Thanks to the MyDucati App, the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer further strengthens the relationship with its community, offering Ducatisti a tailor-made experience and privileged access to the Ducati universe. In fact, there is a lot of unique content for members, such as access to reserved events and exclusive previews of the new range.

    The app offers numerous features to get the most out of MyDucati. In the Garage section customers can consult the documentation of their motorcycles at any time and always have their Ducati Card – the official Ducatista document – with them. Here enthusiasts can configure the Ducati of their dreams, save it and share it with friends and dealers. In addition, fans can also customize the section with a picture of their own Ducati.

    In the space dedicated to Ducati Dealers customers can locate the closest dealer based on geo-localization, consult the services available and save it as a favourite to contact it or make an appointment for a test ride with a simple click. While, in the News area enthusiasts can access in real time all the information on new services and events organized by Ducati around the world, with a notification system that will always keep them updated on the most important news.

    The app also has a section reserved for the Desmo Owners Club (DOC) community, where club members can share their passion for Ducati and take advantage of all the initiatives and benefits reserved for them.

    With the aim of making the user experience as engaging and personalized as possible, MyDucati offers a system of badges that are unlocked upon completion of the various sections. By achieving goals, subscribers can access promotions and personalized services based on the interests and preferences they have expressed within the application.

    Available for iOS and Android, the MyDucati App can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Play Store. Users already registered with MyDucati can quickly access the app with the same credentials they use on the web.
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  1. I'll be the cynical one & suggest before loading it(like many phone apps). That it wishes to access my browser history, cookies, health statistics..my phone list & probably camera & mic. But l'll swallow humble pie tonight or tomorrow when l load it & take a gander at the permissions list if it's not as bad as the rest.

    Sounds very useful to be fair
  2. Its certainly very useful to Ducati!
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  3. The app isnt the best, constantly gives me an error and asks for the bike to be validated through sending documents in and that has already been done so still some work needed for the app. The link app is pretty useless most of the time too, despite the bike being connected the app says it isnt so cant track anything.
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  4. My phone doesn't support it. Android 5.1 appears to be to too old! Not sure I'd want it anyway.
  5. Same here. Even on the web site version, you are unable to delete old bike entries.
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  6. 0A818A57-8576-4A6E-99E1-70C1D1700F45.png
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  7. same message i am getting, for the tech Ducati use in the bikes any app is very poor, i think they need a good app developer.
  8. Surely it's Italian character :p
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  9. I have just downloaded the my BMW app for Monday when I take delivery. Difference is that the BMW app uses the phone as a GPS and sends the information to the dash screen so that I can use it to navigate. It also does much more. Now that is useful.
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  10. But it won't laugh at any jokes and only eats sausages.
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  11. Even works on the C400X scooter...
  12. Yep, this is rubbish... can we fire back to Bologna that this is a lemon?

    Ducati Link could be better and integrate all this "social" (by which I mean data-harvesting) nonsense under the veil of something useful (lean angles, max bhp, max speed bragging chips) that is supported by many of the current crop of bikes... as it is, this new rubbish is no more useful than the "Land Of Joy" embuggerances that obscured the release of a bloody good basic motorcycle...
  13. Weird; on my eye implants I now have a scrolling red message 'buy ducati'. This might become problematic as I was told all subliminal messaging was done whilst I was in alpha-wave sleep!! They are breaking the contract I was sold & request higher advertizing payments in my sleep.

    (message from the future)
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  14. I made a complaint through their main website.
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  15. there is an update on the playstore right now so hopefully they have fixed a few bugs!

    Scratch that, still the same error showing, oh well, there was hope for a few seconds
  16. I really like the Ducati careers advice section on the App.. Full of examples on being a winner and how to motivate your employees to greater things..

    Takes a little bit of finding admittedly .. Called the DOVI for short...
    Ducati Oust Victorious Italian..

    Rumours are it’s to be replaced towards the end of the year though :(
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