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1199 Naked 1199 And Auctmarts Bodywork

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Grayrobs, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Now that I have the suspension how I wanted and am enjoying Trackdays again, I thought it would be a good insurance policy to remove the standard bodywork and invest in a set of Auctmarts Tricolore design replica body work. It was also a good opportunity to check the bike over in the buff as I hadn't stripped the tail unit or cockpit back to naked since I had bought the bike.

    I have bought Auctmarts body work before when I had a Fireblade so had certain positive expectations. Pleasingly this set was as good as I had hoped and although I have put around 16 hours into fitting the panels correctly and transferring over the various threaded clips, I am really pleased with the result. Out of the panels and plastic mouldings supplied, only the ignition surround was not used as it was a bit to distorted for my perfectionist eye.

    The paint standard was excellent with deep gloss lacquer and a good finish on the inside panels that can be seen. Even with the 6 week wait for shipping from Hong Kong, the price of £330.00 plus £71.00 import duty is a complete bargain. The genuine lower side panel from one side of the bike costs £315, so a light off is a four figure repair with out any thing else. An added bonus was the free screen is a double bubble, Zero Gravity clone so better for me being tall than standard.

    For those of you that haven't stripped the fairing completely off, this is what your 1199/1299 looks like. If you need any info on Auctmarts ordering or faring fitting, just let me know.

    IMG_0861.jpeg IMG_0860.jpeg IMG_0859.jpeg IMG_0858.jpeg IMG_0857.jpeg IMG_0856.jpeg IMG_0855.jpeg IMG_0854.jpeg IMG_0848.jpeg
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  2. Great share'
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  3. Looks like a great finish, and a cracking deal. Good your happy with the sussies. Even nowadays, I think suspension is the best improvement to spend your cash on. Good to meet up at Snetterton BTW, I have a ways to go, but had a blast! Dave
  4. Thanks Dave, yes really pleased with it and worth spending the time on the details to fit it to the bike. Cracking day at Snetterton and keep up the good work!
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