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1200 Nbd - Mts1200s Gran Turismo (and Sat Nav Question)

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Moorland Monster, Nov 17, 2023.

  1. Yesterday was a new bike day for me, a 2014 1200S Gran Turismo.

    I'd been thinking about second bike for a little while, and was in Ducati Stoke last week getting the throttle replaced on my M821 when I saw this. Perfect for some winter commuting I thought - I have to travel to various locations in the Midlands and Northwest for my job, and while I've done it a bit on the Monster during the summer for the nearer grounds I would prefer something with a bit more weather protection and more comfort and presence on the motorways.


    It is 1 owner, 10000 miles and I couldn't see a mark on it at all. Picked it up yesterday and took it for a quick blast in the Peak District around Leek, and then again to an night ride to a friends - I'm VERY impressed with the lights and the LED spots were a selling point for me and definitely worthwhile. And as always, great service from Simon and Paul at Ducati Stoke.

    Looking forward to putting it to some use over the next few months as long as the weather doesn't get too bad.

    A question for you MTS1200 Owners: I use a Garmin Zumo XT with my M821 and got a very nice mount from Evotech that fits in the handlebar bracket. But they don't do one for the 2014 1200S (it's an older bike now I understand). I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend another way of fixing it on aside from the clamp and knuckle arrangement supplied with the XT?


  2. I use a very simple alternative to mount my sat nav. These are pictures of the Zumo mount on my old 2013 Twin Spark 1200, and I still use the same mount on my 1260 DVT and it works just as well.
    I just use a Ram ball screwed to the top of the screen adjuster. Using low profile button head screws will allow the adjuster to work as normal. Connect to the Zumo backplate with a double female Ram extension. It's cheap, easy to install, and versatile, as you can mount a phone on there too. I also cut the power cable so that I could remove the Zumo mount if I wasn't planning to use it, but it can be left in place.


  3. Thankyou @doctor feelgood for the offer, but I've done a bit of checking and it appears that the mount is different between the 10-13 and 13-14 models. I has a look at your picture and couldn't see how it could fit my model but I've found an alternative and if I get hold of it I'll report back here with how it works.

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