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Neil Peart Rip

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by JAT, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. I knew when I made that comment maybe a tad presumptuous if me. Buddy Rich did cone to mind.
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  2. I believe that Peart was rated at number 5 in the world ? I do not recall where I read that tho, or who the first 4 were...except Jon Bonham was one of 'em
  3. Bonzo was pretty awesome on most Zep tracks, When the levee breaks and Achilles last stand are two standout tracks.
  4. Ginger Baker, Jon Hiseman, Karl Palmer, Keith Moon, Fito de la Parra...but not really Cozy Powell.

    I could keep going, but I won't.
  5. Cozy was a bit of a basher lacked finesse in my opinion for what it’s worth.
    Not many folks may have heard of him, but Steve Jansen from Japan had a beautiful touch.
  6. IMO, these days 95% of drummers are absolute crap. None of them have any clue or ability to play the basic rudiments. They think it is all about hitting as hard and as fast as they possibly can.
    Neil Peart was probably the best out of the good 5%.

    I doubt any of the 95% ever looked back at the proper drummers.

    They probably saw Phil Collins and thought he was great, but letting him near a drum kit was the worst thing anyone could do.

    I'll add a few more good ones.....Stuart Copeland, Billy Cobham, Eric Delaney, Gilson Lavis (another living one in the best 5%)
  7. Ive heard it's a very good book, and is now on my kindle list.
    Musically Neil was a giant of a man, great drummer & lyricist. The world is a darker place with him gone. Closer to the Heart
  8. Cant agree,Al.I think Collins is a fabulous drummer.
  9. as dave grohl said. there are drummers. then there is Niel Pert.
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  10. Less talented at the drums than Ringo IMO.

    Collins was just a thrash and bash merchant............the gorilla did it better.

    I like Grohl's drumming though..........his is more to do with emphasis even if he is heavy and loud.

    Gilson Lavis is a showman drummer with his flourishes but very skilled.

    If you watch that Argos ad with the young girl and her 'dad' on the drums, you can see that she is of the 95% new order ie Collins.

    In fact all the TV ads showing drummers do the same thing.

    Buddy Rich shows how it should be done.....same amount of volume, same speed, all done with the wrists, not the biceps.

    The crap drummers think a 'roll' is Left Right Left Right Left Right etc as fast as possible. It should be LL RR LL RR etc.

    Not many if any would know what LRLL RLRR LRLL RLRR etc is and couldn't name it.

    Neil Peart could do it easily.

    Apologies for sounding off, but I was professionally trained and can just see how it has been dumbed down. Sold my three kits in 2012 - 2015, due to emphysema.

    But you can still see proper drum work with any forces marching band from the UK or USA.
  11. Don’t know anything about drumming but how does Taylor Hawkins rate ?
  12. Big loss. He will be missed.
  13. I was lucky enough to see Rush on the Permanent Waves tour and they were all tremendous musicians but generally speaking I think it is safer for musically untalented people like me to say who they like as opposed to who is or was most talented.
    Slightly off topic but I thought Cozy Powell was capable of greater subtlety then came across on record and there is a story that he accompanied Jeff Beck to America and that they both played on the original Stevie Wonder version of Superstition.
    To go further off topic here is a clip of Cozy among others , from Tiswas in 1981. Forward to around 5.00 minutes in for the lovely Sally James dressed up as every teenage boy`s fantasy . If that doesnt encourage a young man to take up bashing his skins then I dont know what would.
  14. Taylor Hawkins is like Animal from the Muppets ;-) I saw him drumming for Alanis Morisette many years ago. He is good, but he hits very hard, unnecessarily so in my opinion. He is a massive Queen fan, so I do warm to him for that.
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  15. I know what a paradiddle is and I’m a bass player. Any dummer I work with who doesn’t know more than me about drums and drumming is likely to get shown the door pretty quickly.

    Neil Peart was a great drummer, one of the best, and probably the best rock drummer there has been (although I know a lot of folks prefer Bonham to Peart). He always made it look like it was hard work and that he was concentrating really hard (which he probably was).
  16. Ha, I was a drummer (and could paradiddle double bass drums) but had to give up drumming, and now I have a bass......but I'm having trouble with the left hand.....

    ....I can't stop my thumb from going over the top side of the neck to hold the E string.

    Should have got a kid's bass.:rolleyes:

    Still, the actual sound is good.......Ibanez with flatwound strings, Fender amp.
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