1200 DVT Neutral Not Displaying

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  1. suddenly my display won't show selected gear as N when I'm in neutral,not a major issue but annoying. Anyone else got the same, is there a quick fix ?
  2. Haven't some found this when the bike has been wet? Good old Italian electrics ;)
  3. Bulb gone?
  4. Could be the start of the gear selection sensor failing. It has happened to several of us. In my case the indicator wouldn't show anything above third gear even when it was in sixth.

    I think Twinforme had neutral not showing and couldn't start the bike unless the clutch was pulled in. Does yours do that? If it starts OK it's probably not the same problem.

    If it is the sensor then it needs replacing. Mine was done under warranty but I believe it is a relatively straightforward job with no serious disassembly required.

  5. Yep when the display is showing 1 when you are in neutral you have to pull the clutch in to start the bike, I think I first noticed the problem beginning when it would alternate between 1 and N rapidly or 2 and N. Sounds like the sensor and I am just out of warranty :confounded:
  6. Gear position sensor, back of engine block in front of swing arm, brass looking plug with one wire coming from it, about 90 quid, a common failure, and easy to fit. Mine failed couple of years back. Easy fix :)
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  7. There you go, I'm guessing it's a similar place on the Dvt?

  8. I can't find a pic of it on a DVT, so may be worth a call to Ducati to double check? As the above pic is 2014 twin spark, but it is nonetheless a common fault. Best of luck.
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  9. Ah great info, I checked and its pretty much the same. Much Appreciated :upyeah:
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  10. I just got a gearbox sensor but I'm having trouble trying to get the old one out, I bought a box spanner and it is very difficult to get it fitting due to lack of space. Is there a special tool ? If so where do you get it ??
  11. The new plug comes with a cable right ? So just snip the old cable and put a deep socket over it ??
  12. But how do you tighten the new one up ? Cables not going to work with the deep socket
  13. Does the electric lead plug fit through a socket ?? If so, slide normal socket right down the cable, tighten, then remove, then connect up ??
  14. Your only going to get it hand tight as you can't connect the socket driver with the cable going through. The vortex kit is new to me, I'll investigate, see if a mate has a set.
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  15. Not if your socket has a hex top like some do, can then put a spanner on it. Quite a few spark plug sockets have hex tops.
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  16. Or even use a small stillsons wrench on socket to nip it up?
  17. This seems like it will do the job I'll get one of these later today :upyeah:
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