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Never Go To A Bike Show After A Few.

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Irish, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Ended up putting a healthy deposit on this thing.







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  2. Yes, I see what you mean!

    Point taken.
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  3. Only making 300 not sure of the final cost yet but I do like it. 212 hp at 420 lb's. Should be fun, nothing else at the show stood out.
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  4. Jeezus H Christ, where is that? It's a good job the fashion police weren't there :astonished:

    Priddy bike though :upyeah:
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  5. LOL. Long beach in cali. I'll let the old lady know you did not like the boots.
    Bad ass bike but as usual with MV, the price is not solid yet and they say I might see it in September. I thinking I'll be lucky to see it by next Christmas, right now the approx price is 45k. It is like a piece of art but I got a laugh of the fact the fancy exhaust that comes in the box only adds 4 hp to it.
    Cant wait to take delivery, always wanted one.
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  6. Ha ha, the boots are ok I think. It was the geezer with the turn ups that caught my eye then the dodgy looking dude in orange shorts and leggins 8 yards behind. :laughing:
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  7. No shite, not exactly the fashion capital of the world. I went to check out the V4R and the 1000 RR, and ended up with that, now I just have to figure out how to pay for the bloody thing.
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  8. Extreme looking showpiece, I’m not sure about mixing the comfort of a superbike with the wind protection of a naked, but clearly it’s not got practicality in mind. Those exhaust are very cool!

    You do know that in typical MV fashion they will produce a load more of them but in other colours, it’s definitely not going to be limited to 300.
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  9. Thats the fucking tits that is....what a naked should be...totally over the top with way more power than you need...(take note ducati)
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  10. It'll make a good umbrella stand stuck on its nose while you wait for parts. :D
    Quite funky looking really.
  11. yip, i bought my 848 when i was still a bit wired from the night before. which led to a massive dose of buyers regret while waiting for it to be delivered to the dealers. it only took the time from first startup to the end of the street to get over it right enough. :upyeah:
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  12. Great stuff Finm. That’s the way.
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  13. Great looking boots.... er, er, I mean bike, lovely bike.
    MV the only other bike that catches my eye. Art.
    As for $45k, well, the decision is not going to be a problem for me but don’t take that as a criticism.
    I hope they have one at the Birmingham UK show this week.

    It’ll be good to look at.
  14. It's got a seat for each cheek, cool :cool:
  15. Them yamaha fz's look better every year :D
  16. The tank seems to have a urinal flap, sexist..
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  17. Love love love the rear end of that. But it seems a different team designed the front end.

    Beautiful bike though. You obviously have neck muscles like Arnie.
  18. I like it, the only thing I can see being needed, and given the italian's reputation their electrics, would be a small clock's fly screen to keep the worst of the weather off them.

    As to dodgy characters, picture 6, the bloke in the running leggins, orange shorts and raybans. looks a wrong un :D
  19. How high is that rear seat !
    Need a step ladder.
  20. That's Lewis doing his promo thing :thinkingface:
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