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New 1260s Oil Issue

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Mark Arnold, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Hi I have a new diavel and have recently noticed some oil bieng dropped on the floor from the oil breather pipe under the bellypan does anyone elses do this ?
    Also bike was serviced at 630 miles just over a 1 week ago and its now done 1800 as I've been on a tour around Wales and I've just checked the oil and there is none in the sight glass - I've had to lean the bike over 20 degrees to get oil up the sight glass - how is everyone's oil consumption going?
  2. Push the bike around a few meters & see if any appears in the sight glass over next hour. As I've had the same situation & topped it up for it too be over filled on the next ride. Occasionally the oil can be trapped if you stop engine whilst on a rolling stop.

    Best to be safe than sorry & pop some in, frankly. You can undo the sump plug with oil cap open to drop some out. In the worst case scenario but running it without enough will give you a very fast lean running engine. And you are into the second running in period. Don't go hooning it over 7K revs/
  3. How mountainous is your local area as parts of Wales can be like 20% incline hills. Which would surely work an engine much harder than the mostly meandering roads of England.
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  4. Wales was like 900 miles and wasn't too bad and I've been gentle with it varying the revs etc
  5. Right I've just walked bike up and down my drive and side to side so will check it again in a hour - can't see it making much difference if I'm honest

    Really loosing the will to live with this bike as had issue and issue crop up
  6. Stick oil into it & ride it.
  7. Sorry to hear this- hopefully it’s something simple. Not had any issue with oil - not had to touch mine still since new, or the first service.
  8. Have a similar issue with my MTS1260, used about 1 litre on about 1500 miles of a tour and still using it. There is a leak so not burning all of it. Now on 6500 miles. Have been either too ill, too busy or just about to go on another trip (this last weekend) to get dealer to look at it. Oil is over the left side of the front cylinder under the ally belly pan, there seem to be some return/feed lines in there. Not so much as to spray much of it backwards or onto the rear wheel. Dealer should hopefully be collecting it this week, need to contact them to remind.
  9. Don’t sound to good for a new machine


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  10. No problem keep us posted on how you get on
  11. So a 140 mile round trip today bike going into dealer tommorow for run in service. Just checked the bike and a nice little pool of oil and grit under the bike about 1p in size. With the oil breather pipe dripping. :( Will see what they say tommorow
  12. UPDATE

    Me and another Diavel s owner have been having this issue and the other guy in US is having new pistons cylinders etc delivered so the engine is getting rebuilt - I'm getting a refund until they sort the problems out
  13. Thanks I really hope it doesnt come to this as there is no other bike I would like or can fit on do hope its a simple case of new airbox design
  14. I hope a fix is found for your bikes. I loved my Diavel, but it became so unreliable it just had to go.
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  15. What was the matter with it?
  16. was that Gen 1/ 2 or 3
  17. Gen 1 bike. Multiple relay failures & fuel pump faults. Unfortunately the costs mounted up & with the wedding of one of our daughters looming, I had to draw a line under the Diavel. Couldn't justify the ongoing expense & don't have the time to keep messing with the bike or keep taking it to a dealer.


    Not sure my comment really merited a dislike. I just stated a fact regarding my bike & wished others well with theirs. Still think the Diavel is a great bike, but count myself as unlucky with mine.
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  18. Ive now done 2,000 miles on the 1260S and twice found oil on the garage floor under the breather tube. There doesnt seem to be any common denominator. Once after a gentle sunday ride and another time after a 10 mile commute. Otherwise its been flawless covering 5 hours on motorways and even longer on A-roads over a single weekend without losing anything.
    I'm keeping an eye but not losing any sleep over it. But then again I have a Harley as well so oil drips are par-for-the-course!
  19. How much are you getting in my case after each ride there is about 3-4mm overnight so not a lot. Still worrying as the airbox must be a mess
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