1200 New Addition To The Garage.

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Duncs, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Just put down a deposit on this 2010 Multistrada S Touring . Now gotta find some space in the garage. 2018-02-06 12.21.00.jpg 2018-02-06 12.21.10.jpg 2018-02-06 12.21.19.jpg 2018-02-06 12.21.38.jpg
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  2. Nice, have fun :upyeah:
  3. Had a test ride today and wow love it huge grin on me dial . The ice symbol came up on the dash and the bike is so complicated compared to what I'm used to I couldn't even switch on the heated grips . Looking at the owners manual tonight nearly 200 pages . I can't wait to have a play .
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  4. I must admit I would usually go for red . Most of my friends prefer the white as well .
  5. I have the predictable red version, the white stands out!
    Many happy miles.
  6. Very nice. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 1100s. How much was yours?
  7. Nice bike..... Enjoy. IIRC, the buttons double up a lot on that model ? So the starter button is also the heated grips etc etc, takes a bit to get used to but sure you'll get there in the end. Have fun. :D

    PS, the manual thing made me laugh, try a DVT, 406 pages !! :eek:
  8. Make sure you all ways leave the sliding switch that covers the red start button in the up position. Otherwise a flat battery may happen:upyeah:
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  9. That looks super-tidy for a 2010. Whats the mileage?
  10. You will love it

  11. You will love it

  12. it looks and sounds like a lot of fun without breaking the back/wrists,,enjoy:upyeah:
  13. Thanks did not know that
  14. £5500 was too good to refuse
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  15. 21000 miles, I know the previous owner and he looked after it well.
  16. I rode to Cambridge on my VFR800 and rode the Multistrada for only 10 miles. Then did 250 miles on the Honda with a big smile on my face. A client said to me why are you so happy and I said just brought a new bike.
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  17. Nice one Duncs.

    You will have duc bird after you though with that colour, and no bins tut tut

    Nice one
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  18. Looks well in that colour.HTR!!!