1199 New Arrival Tric'd Its Way In To Our Garage...

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  1. After passively looking at a whole array of Ducati's for 6 months or so, contemplating laying up and resting the 1198 for a while and weighing up various options... Last time home, the right bike eventually came along and I just couldn't resist it :D

    Fast forward two painfully slow & draining weeks back at work where all I seemed to do was wish my life away and the day finally arrived! I picked it up last night and I'm over the moon with it. Even though my riding season is just about over, I'm looking forward to the winter months where I can get it undressed for a thorough deep clean and any little tinkering bits I find done in preparation for getting some miles done on it next year :D

    I will get a few miles done before the winter lay up but not enough to get to know her properly. Ride home was nice and steady as the roads were a bit greasy, it sounds great with the full Termi system on it though :upyeah:

    I haven't had chance to give it a clean yet so please do excuse any dirt that you may see on the photos...








    Can't wait to get out for a blast on it on Saturday!

    P.S. Just an additional note to say thanks to @Exige for being a wealth of knowledge and offering some great advice before I pulled the trigger! It is much appreciated Stu :upyeah:
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  2. Favourite 1199 the tricolor, looks the nuts chap!
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  3. Stunning bike.
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  4. That looks soooo pretty :):upyeah:
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  5. I love that colour scheme.
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  6. Nice, but no bins in view! You know the rules!
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  7. That’s lovely mate. I love my 899, the only thing that could take its place is the 1199 Tric.
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  8. Really nice, enjoy!
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  9. Bo**ocks! Knew I had forgotten something. I even had the photo ready, hope this makes up for my mishap!

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  10. When are the wheels getting painted? :upyeah:
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  11. Nice one Ben, how you find it to the 1198??
  12. That had crossed my mind whilst I was at work! I don't think these ones will be though as I quite like the contrast of the white and black. Stranger things have happened though so time will tell :)
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  13. Its early days yet @cookster but to try and sum it up from the few miles I've done so far...

    The 1199 feels a bit 'Plain Jane' at the minute. I don't mean this in a bad way, it is just poles apart from the 1198. It is a doddle to get off the line, there's very little in the way of drama and begging for you to open it up and get on with it when passing through 30 and 40 limits like you get with the 1198, the drive out of bends is all very 'controlled and sophistacated', the overun doesn't pop and burble like the 1198.... It is unquestionably a lovely machine to look at and ride, it will just take some time to understand it and recalibrate my riding to suit it I think...

    The 1198 to me is a heart stopping beautiful machine, which is a total brute to ride and actually quite intimidating (even now)... However, if your willing to work with it, respect it and put some serious heart in mouth faith in it when pressing on - it is mesmerising and rewarding beyond words. Then two miles down the road, you will get a bit too eager with the throttle and it will remind you that really, it does actually want to spit you off in to a ditch with your hair on fire!

    I need some more miles with the Tric to fully get an appreciation for it and be able to give you a better response to your question but hopefully at least some of this makes sense following first impressions.
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  14. Blimey your bins must be flash
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  15. Loved my Tric.... until it blew up lol! Still miss it, still the best paint scheme.
  16. Nice one Ben. Look forward to seeing it on Saturday :upyeah:
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  17. Now you've got my attention. How did that come about @Freak?
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  18. @Ben Mallinson - he'll be getting confused with a multistrada ;)
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  19. Don't scare him!
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  20. I've had my 1199 for a few years now and recently bought my 1198 to use as a track bike but I started using it on the road and think I prefer it

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