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  1. 20181226_082557.jpg View attachment 138115 Hi all got myself a 848 evo ,What a great bike on a 60 plate she is now inside and nice and warm for the winter so i can do some nice upgrade's on her ready for the nice weather. Have done some already Term's/seat/wheels/number board front and back/ ECU/ air filter/ triple charger connection/ and so on.






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  2. Carbon hugger/ carbon heel guard/ R&G Tail Tidy
    lots more too come.
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  3. thread moved
  4. Very nice. Gives me Evo jealousy.
  5. HI . Some bike you have.
    My 848 EVO is pure stock.
    Where did you get tail lights.
    They look mint.
  6. Go onto TST utube and you will see the lights and they will show how too fit them.
  7. Nice machine - but disc lock and guard dog whilst bike is in lounge. Got some relatives you don’t trust visiting you over Xmas....? :)
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  8. ALL locks on when out bike's in conservatory.
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  9. 20181226_082557.jpg New upgrade over xmas
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  10. Looks mint!
  11. Very nice, always liked the 848 evo:upyeah:
  12. Looks amazing
  13. Love the rear lights... More pics of those...
  14. Security you have on it is good.:upyeah:
    Bike looks lovely is it coming out in spring?
  15. Thankyou it will be out next year when weather is better just pulled the bike apart done my upgrade's and big clean so far so good.
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  16. Nice bike, maybe worth considering changing the clutch slave cylinder at some point for something like an Oberon. It looks like at somepoint the standard one failed and contributed towards the paint coming of the engine case. Also it reduces lever effort required which is always a welcome upgrade!

    I love the slash cut Termi's, they are the best looking by far and weigh nothing! I had mine off the other week and couldn't believe how light they are.
  17. i was thinking the same at sometime i will change the clutch slave cylinder just doing upgrade's Then i will change the slave wonder why the paint was off thanks Phill.