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Featured New Bike: Gsxr1000r

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Advikaz, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Evening all,

    Took the plunge on a 20’ Gsxr 1000r.

    The deals that are being done on them are beyond ridiculous at the moment. So much bike for the money.

    I did contemplate the new gen 4 bmw but after riding one and hearing about the issues with them and the sheer costs involved if I want to make it a race bike, not to mention the purchasing costs put me off. So for me this was the best balanced decision. The bmw is a bit better as stock but it isn’t enough better to warrant the costs ! Money no object id consider one but the build costs are eye watering !!
    I could build this to full superstock spec and beyond for the same costs as a M sport bmw. And there’s no contest at that point which is the better bike.

    first outing on the bike is at Donington at the end of the month as I’m instructing there - hoping to pick the bike up next week.

    only mods to begin with will be the master cylinder as the stock one is absolutely shite so I’m replacing that with a Brembo corsacorta as well as the fluid. Due to time constraints unfortunately the abs is staying put for the time being but I will be junking that as well down the line.

    Other than that it’s just tank grips and some geometry changes to focus her more.

    Pretty excited, I haven’t purchased a new bike in a few years and she will be used a bit on the road also. I might eventually do a full race bike conversion on it as they’re pretty cheap in comparison with most others, it will be the first 1000 I’ve ever raced if I do :)

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  2. How much Wonga? :thinkingface:
  3. Did you go R version or the std one? What ballpark figure did you get down to...aren’t they doing zero finance on these too??
  4. 0% PCP for £140 a month with a £500 deposit :joy: my sky package used to cost near the same
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  5. yeah I’ve gone for the R mate
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  6. I've got one I use as a track bike, love it
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  7. ive not heard a bad thing about them bar the usual Idiosyncrasies such as shite stock brakes
  8. My mates got one. As you say, a lot of bike for the dough. Stick on a yoshi and they look pretty cool too :):upyeah:
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  9. a lot of power to be had from removing that silencer. A full system is likely to be happening to be honest
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  10. No brainier. Congratulations :upyeah:
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  11. I’ll update the thread once I’ve picked it up and you can come on the Gixxer adventure with me :p
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  12. I bet that’s fast Mr. :) :motorcycleduc:
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  13. I'm still running mine in. I got 0% finance over 4 years. 1st outing is Donington next month. I'm just going to put some slicks on and ride it and take it from there.
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  14. Do you still think it's fugly or has she grown on you?
  15. I have put GB engine protection on and I have a thumb brake ready to fit as well.
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  16. Ugly as sin but it does ride really nicely on the road. I will know better if it's a grower after I've ridden it on track.
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  17. Mine is black. I would have preferred the Blue or the White but didn't have a choice at my local dealer.
  18. Fuck sake, that is ridiculous for a new bike.

    Slight comparison.....
    V4 Streetfighter S model....
    £7000 down
    PCP over 3 years
    £200 PCM
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  19. I know mate, I couldn’t even get a bog stock bmw for double that price and that’s with putting down an enormous deposit down and a big discount on the bike!

    I’m chuffed !
    #20 Advikaz, Jun 7, 2020
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2020
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