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Featured New Bike Time!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by carson, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Just pulled the pin and put a deposit down on a 2018 R1M.

    Picking it up in time for Oulton this Wednesday!
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  2. What you trade in mate?
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  3. Nothing mate. Sold my 98 R1 a couple of weeks ago and sold my ZXR750r K1 today
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  4. Be interesting to hear about the r1m after you've given it a blast bud
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  5. I'm quite nervous about it actually, especially when I love the gen 4 Beemer so much
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  6. That’ll be kin epic.
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  7. Oooo you naughty sausage

    enjoy mate. You’ve got bikes coming out of your ears

    some people absolutely love the R1’s and they seem like a great package out of the box
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  8. Didn’t realise you were running it at Oulton Rob. Nice work. Is there a bunch of you going over? I fancy a run over. Can I pretend I hold your umbrella or something? They’re a bit funny about spectators at the moment.

    My mates got one and he loves it. He’s also got a gen 3 bimmer. He prefers the R1M but says not as fast as his bimmer. It’ll be interesting to see what you think :):upyeah:
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  9. You're going to need a bigger shed...:D
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  10. Come over mate, there's going to be a few of us. You can say you're my helper, you're allowed one person to help!
  11. I had to sell 2 bikes to get the R1M! So technically I'm a bike short now

    That's me down to:

    S1000RR Gen 4 M Sport
    S1000RR Gen 3 Track bike
    KTM 250 XC Enduro
  12. I reckon you’ll find it a handful. They wheelie a lot as standard

    exciting though, especially at oulton
  13. I heard that mate, probably be slower on that than the Beemer I reckon. I'll have the Beemer with me as well if I fancy a change
  14. a lot of the teams I know that run/ran them change the mapping (downtune effectively) in the first three gears to calm them down
  15. I've heard that the throttle is super snatchy as standard although it was allegedly sorted out on the 2018+ models.
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  16. R1M. Another bike I will never ride as it’s too tall for me. Love your bike lineup but don’t you need some red again for the missing one?
  17. I might do. Forecast looks dodgy at the moment but it’s changing every hour!
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  18. Every bikes too tall for me mate. They're all the same height once you mount them, just the same as the ladies :p
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  19. Be good to see you mate
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  20. fullsizeoutput_10dd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10df.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10de.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e5.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10e0.jpeg
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