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New Bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by PerryL, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. At some point, I will be able to afford a new bike. I want something for touring as I'm planning trips to Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Spain, sand, possibly, Norway. So, good tank range is important as I don't want to be filling up every 10 seconds (like I used to with my Monster)!

    The choice is:
    KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
    Multistrada 1250 S Grand Tourer
    Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel

    The Guzzi is leading things because it's the cheapest , a shaftie, and comes with panniers.

    Everything is available from dealers in Bristol AND... both Fowlers and Riders have good coffee shops!

    Again, this is probably a year away, at least.

    Or, get nothing. I have an ST3 and an ST2 downstairs. Both are too old to get any form of Europe breakdown assistance but WTF!

  2. Zx10r ! Get there faster .

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  3. Taking a older bike is part of the adventure, maybe a different point of view. Have the ST3 or ST2 let you down, do you know them inside out, are they in good fettle? If answers are no, yes and yes I'd say take one of them and enjoy. My touring buddy rides a 40,000 mile 996, he maintains it pretty fastidiously and we've toured in Europe every year since 2010. His has never broken down where I've had problems with two VFRs and an MV over that period...
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  4. But I am in no hurry! I really don't want to by a Jap bike. There is KTM, Ducati, and Moto Guzzi because I do really want a European bike - in fact BMW were in the mix but I dunno which model. I've lacked the interest to research BMW...
  5. Both bikes have been to Europe with me and neither bike has ever let me down. The ST2 has got hard panniers and the sT3 has a carrier that fits to the frame. It carries a big soft bag - but fully weatherproof.

    I think that you may be making the case to just stick with what I have. Makes sense, but I don't enjoy making sense!
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  6. Sorry I wasn't much help.

    I'd go for the mulitstrada I've had quite a few in at work now and they seem a good bike
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  7. As usual, although nobody has given me the definitive answer, this thread has been helpful. I will just use what I have. I will do Scotland and Ireland first and use my Ducatis. And maybe a little French jaunt!

    I should stop thinking about buying a new bike and concentrate on fixing up my Ducatis.

    That has saved me at least £12000, so time to celebrate!!!
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  8. Triumph? Quite a touring range now. Did just short of 60k on an old 955i Tiger, never a problem. 37k on an 865 SE, usual service items no problems. I find it hard to define European bike, BMW make models in China and part source. Triumph Thailand, KTM Some models China.... Used to be difficult to find a good bike, now hard to find a truly bad one. Enfield, India even make a decent 650 twin given the price. I am always drawn to European styling with the exception of BMW 1250 GS just plain ugly and expensive when extras fitted. Honda cross tourer excellent to ride but v4 with all the fiddly bits expensive for high mileage service costs. Try any and all you can, given current economic climate some good deals will be on the way.
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  9. Actually, Triumph, like BMW, were in the mix. I just hadn't got around to looking a exact models, yet.
  10. Your choices in a year or so will be perhaps different with new models.... but out of the three choices you have put there i would get the GS o_O
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  11. The updated BMW XR looks a cracking bike.
  12. Come on Perry, you know Ducati's, and specially ST Ducati's are invincible :D
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  13. Pal of mine has just gone from a Multi to the new KTM Adventure.
    Lovely bit of kit and can motor if needed. Eyes on the road and all that but the dash is just amazing and next gen. Factor that in and the cost difference between that and a Ducati and I can see why he went KTM.
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  14. This is a well conceived effort to do my head in. Everybody has good words to say about my selected bikes PLUS the Ducatis that I already have.

    I'll keep mulling things over but I will not buy anything until I have my current bikes fully sorted.

    I had a phone call this morning from Southmead Hospital. They were worried about one of my answers to a questionnaire on my treatment that I completed. They were worried about my mental health! I resisted the temptation to say that my physical heath is fooked up and now they worry about my mental health!

    That's unfair because it is nearly a year (no, it probably is a year since leaving that one!) and they still worry about me! I told them that I sleep well and remember nothing about the accident and never have nightmares. I say that it is what it is and could of been so much worse (I know the investigating copper thought it would be a fatel and did a really thorough investigation closing the road for about 12 hours!). Recovery is going well and no long-term effects are expected as long as I can pass an eye test, I told the lady from Southmead Hospital.

    I never share that I am considering whether to buy a new bike or just fix up my existing ones! Health people and physios never seem to show much interest in bikes! I was supposed to have physio today at the Berkeley Town football fields. It was raining and so we cancelled. I did offer my physio the chance to look at my Ducati ST3 in my garage as it is back now, but she was completely dis interested! Oh well...
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  15. Your post reminded me
    When I was having my femoral line for chemo put in the guy doing it was amazed when I told him I used to ride a ducati and that I wanted to have a look at the kit he was using
    Through the procedure we chatted about biking and bikes it was brilliant and passed the embarrassing time away :)
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  16. IIRC your physio is a lady, if so she may have thought your kind offer of looking at your ST3 was in fact loaded with innuendo.
    Stop it Perry, the poor girl is just trying to earn a living and help you and all you can think about is her in skin tight leathers straddling your Monster you Rascal !
    I know its not a Monster but model name ST3 does not work in this scenario.
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  17. I may well of been found out.....
  18. The mind is better taken off the current time and bikes are an excellent distraction... when mad ideas are not in your head about buying another one....
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