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V4 New Exhaust Maybe

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by rab, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. thinking of getting the fm exhaust or the arrow opinions please anyone got either



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  2. Based purely on looks - the FM.

    How do they compare on weight, DB levels (if you want to take it on track) and power?

    I forgot cost! :)
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  3. fm is 2200 and arrow 1400 don't know about power figures though mate
  4. Arrow all the way! Probably for development, quality and fit, Plus up map and considerably cheaper option. FM might look cool if you like that type of thing. Kind of reminds me of them cheap and nasty Taylor Made exhaust systems from the states ....Just saying and all that:astonished: what ever floats your boat
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  5. Do they both come with an up map for that money?

    FM is more of a clean look - seems more road oriented - Arrow more of a race look - or maybe that’s just the graphics on the bike?

    E32E3F0B-2F27-4A00-AC12-911FFE10CB48.jpeg 226866ED-90BF-45F6-B19D-510F0BDB74A4.jpeg
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  6. Arrow every time
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  7. The Arrow deletes the road exhaust valve, O2 and CO sensors and has db killers. Not for road use. Andy
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  8. Have you seen the exhaust made by jester for the V4, fit the bike more like the OEM cans unlike the arrows (in the pic)
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  9. That FM looks even worse from that angle.... Don’t do it... Arrow looks right mate:cool:
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  10. Never liked the look of the Akrapovic or it's derivatives, in this case the Arrow. Always reminds of a bike being retrieved from a hedgerow or tyre wall.
    I opted for the Termignoni Uscite on mine. Not everyone's cup of tea I know but there we are. Pays yer money and all that.
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  11. £1100.00 gbp including worldwide shipping...200.73 rwhp...includes db's..Just buy the t800 puc and cheaper p08 sprint damper and your ready to go.. 20191109_051709208_iOS.jpg 20191018_121907.jpg
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  12. Just so happens....... 6A475297-9649-4D7A-89F9-CC4172BF23BA.jpeg 33D538AA-9248-4623-AA93-B57B409486E1.jpeg
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  13. FM looks cleaner, arrow looks like it’s been spaghetti inspired.
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  14. Why do you need to change the damper for an exhaust?
  15. #11:bucktooth: But cheaper option with a damper, and far more functional

    Not my words... But Sprints is a little bit low budget quality wise.... :eyes:
  16. P08 Sprint “Air Filter” guys!
  17. sprint damper and your ready to go..

    or one of those?:eyes:
  18. SPRIN AIR FILTER..?.....SORRY...
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