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New Guy From Rugby

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Knuckle, Apr 18, 2024.

  1. Hi all.
    Nic's the name but go by knuckle on most forums.
    Been a biker for 35 years but only got into Ducati's two years ago.
    I ride a 2014 Diavel Carbon and have a 2004 Xerox 999s sat in my front room as it just looks sexy.
    I tinker with bikes but expensive stuff i leave to my life long friend, Iain Rhodes at RPM Bikes, Northampton.
    I'll upload some pics when i know how.
    I've got some questions on fitting a replacement 2nd hand ECU; I take it that would go in Technical?
    Anyway, all the best!!

    Nic AKA Knuckle
    Just noticed flag on avatar. Ignore that, its just my VPN
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  2. Welcome, to post a picture just click upload a file and follow the prompts
    Technical stuff is best in technical
  3. Welcome into our mad house :)
    You got it technical it is
  4. Welcome to the forum
  5. welcome nic aka knuckle'
  6. Welcome and enjoy.
  7. Welcome :upyeah:

    Just a mention....

    When posting pics, make sure there is a waste receptacle in one of them, a certain staff member is an officianado of them :joy:
  8. Welcome mate
  9. Just to say I've posted my bikes in "User Albums"
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