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New Guy

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Jcbrich, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. hi all just thought I would say hello. Got a 1098 tricolour and a few 2 strokes

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  2. Welcome Dave
  3. Oooo welcome Dave, there are plenty of two strokers in here
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  4. Sorry my name is Richard lol
  5. Welcome along Richard
  6. Lovely & welcome aboard:upyeah:
  7. Great bikes, welcome
  8. welcome and enjoy
  9. Hi and welcome to the Ducati forum love the RD 500 I had one back in the day remember selling it for just over £3000 going for a bit more now I believe
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  10. Welcome aboard:upyeah:
  11. Very nice .... can we have a bin pic please we like them :)

    Welcome into the mad house
  12. Yep, quite a few strokers stroke on here - what others ya got ? :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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  13. Sold a nice kh250 and I’m now trying to finish my rg500.
    Thanks for the nice welcome

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  14. Welcome 2 Stroke Dude :cool::upyeah:
  15. Welcome, you’ve got some great bikes there.
  16. Welcome. Nice bikes. :) :upyeah:
  17. Welcome to Dave. Nice Strokers
  18. Hello and welcome dude...
  19. Hello Richard. Richard