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New Helmet

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by steeve, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Need a new helmet, my old Neotec is well past it's sell by date according to the manufacturer. Bits have started to fall off too!

    So my thoughts are Neotec 2 or the Schuberth C4 Pro. I'm leaning heavily towards another Shoei.
  2. Whatever fits and you can afford :)
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  3. If you have a Shoei head, I can highly recommend the Neotech 2, especially with the (at extra cost) integrated SRL Sena comms. Andy
  4. Less weight is "more"!
  5. I have the c3 pro which has been a brilliant comfy helmet for well over 20000 miles .I tried the c4 on and found it to be a totally different helmet.It just didn't fit me right so it will be another c3 pro for me when it comes to renewal time even though it is an old design.
  6. I'm on my fourth helmet now which is a Arai Quantum,the first two were Shoei and the third is an open face one.
  7. Ive the Shoei NXR and Schuberth S2 sport and fit is very much alike, Both great helmets but I prefer the Shoei just that tad more, Quality is great on both lids and both very quiet
  8. I['ve seen a lot of similar comments, many feel the C4 is a step or two backwards...
    I'll try them on at the NEC see which is the better fit. I've been happy with the original Neotec with the Sena CU10 fitted.
  9. I’ve got a Neotec for personal use and a Neotec 2 for work. The newer model feels much better built and is really plush. It’s quieter too. All the parts (visor mechanism included) are more substantial. If you like your Neotec I’d say buy the newer version.
  10. Exactly this. No more no less.
  11. Went to the NEC today, tried both helmets, the Schuberth C4 Pro was uncomfortable (for me) and it felt quite claustrophobic, I havent got Bruce's chin but it was almost touching the front of the helmet, the interior was very plush.
    But the Neotec 2 was by far a better fit (for me) and its bits and bobs (thats a technical term) seemed to work better and more smoothly.

    So bought the latest version (blue label) Neotec 2 Splicer TC8 (orange and red) which sell for £599 for £410, was really pleased with the price.
    Also bought the SRL2 which was fitted by Sena at the show, all for what the helmet would have cost on it's own.
    Some amazing kit bargains going on............
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  12. I’m going on Sunday, might leave my wallet at home! Otherwise I’ll be tempted.
  13. Take your credit card, some amazing bargains... great show this year.
  14. Did the same as you and got the Neotec 2 Excursion with Sena fitted for £600 at the show. Great bit of kit and having the comms all built in, is superb. Syncs to the mobile for stanav and music all on voice command. Still to try making or receiving calls. Still a lot of money though but we do need to look after ourselves!
  15. In the past have always been served well with a Shoei. I dont know if my head has changed, or Shoei has changed..but they are either tight of slack now. So, bought one of these and love it.


    Fit (the important bit) is superb. Vents work great. Comes with tinted and clear visor and pinlock insert. Quality and finish seems to be really good and compares very well with Shoei.
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