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Featured New Member 899 Panigale Uk

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by MY64 DUC, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. New member just saying hello.

    Based in UK, got a lovely 899 panigale 64 plate just thought i would share.

    My first ever ducati and boy it was the right move. Been riding bikes for only 7 years now i gradually made my way up from yamaha 600 thundercat /gsxr 750 K2 and L5 models to my now 899.

    Noise, level of confidence and handling for me and my budget is perfect (still turn heads)

    Anyway look forward to seeing some of your bikes in time on the group.



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  2. Welcome
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  3. Welcome along
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  4. Welcome!
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  5. Welcome and enjoy
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  6. lovely bike :) Had an 899 myself, I think the best mods I made were having the shock re-valved by MCT which made it ride much nicer over big bumps, and changed the footpegs for some Ducati performance ones. The footpegs on there are lethal in the wet.
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  7. Greetings.
    I was planning on trundling south to Essex this summer to meet up with @james butcher as he’s down your way with an 899.
    An 899 gathering sounds good.
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  8. Oh absolutely, let me know where about your going, as im based in Essex (not to far from Brentwood).
  9. Will do.
    Weather, C19, glaciers melting permitting.
  10. Welcome and nice bike
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  11. Thanks matey
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  12. Hi newbie Andy
    Great bin ;) shot thank you

    welcome into our mad house
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  13. Welcome to the forum
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  14. Congrats you chose an absolute hoot of a bike for your first Ducati, did 25k miles on mine and still miss it.
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  15. Still the prettiest panigale too!
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  16. Hello and welcome
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  17. Welcome mate. Yes I’m in Brentwood . Essex meet up when the weather is better sounds a plan
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  18. We should get stickers ‘ THE REAM TEAM’:joy:
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  19. welcome dude
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  20. Welcome enjoy I been riding for 25 years & finally got my v2 last year it’s so beautiful except for lockdown can’t wait to ride more
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