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  1. I've just bought a 2015 Multistrada 1200s, when I put in the centre stand I noticed front lower engine/frame bolt had a nut missing, to resolve I've fitted Evotech crash protector(Bobbins), could some one help with the torch setting or direct me to a Haynes type work shop manual for info.

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  8. Welcome Mark from Brum, iirc engine mounting bolts are 40-45nm
  9. This is from r&g on their Q&A

    R&G do not provide these as the use of compression sleeves inside the bobbins enables adequate tightening of the bolts and the bolts will stay secure. For peace of mind use some Loctite or similar. Do not put bodyweight behind tightening as this can damage the bolt and even strip threads in your engine, leading to expensive repair work. In any situation DO NOT exceed 40 Nm of torque. For engine bolts, please consult the owner’s manual as they generally detail torque settings for your machine. You can use the following as a general guide for different bolt sizes.

    general torque settings

    M4 BOLT = 8Nm

    M5 BOLT = 12Nm

    M6 BOLT = 15Nm

    M8 BOLT = 20Nm

    M10 BOLT = 40Nm
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