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Featured New Member Not Riding On A Fabulous Day

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Wasted Time Lord, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. Hi fellow Ducatistas,
    From what I've seen so far, if you see a red 999 bip in Gloucestershire, it's mine! Having said that, when I rode a 180 Jota 30 years ago, I never saw another on the road. Or the 750 Bonneville I wrote off 16 years back.
    So, 16 years ago I damaged my hand. I thought my riding days were over - in the UK climate anyway. Then when I began to miss it so much I didn't care about the hand, I wasn't at a location where I could keep a bike (Tudor cottage). Now I've moved and about 3 months ago bought the Duke. Now, after nearly 3000 miles, the 999 is an extension of me, and it is just beautiful!
    May be a quirk, but the Jota was a more comfortable riding position - maybe the lack of a fairing. At 5'8" I could only touch the ground on tiptoe. To go by the reviews from taller riders, it was uncompromisingly uncomfortable to ride, while by some outlandish confluence I was apparently just the right size for it once it was rolling!
    On the other hand the seat on the 999 is more comfortable than the T140's was. Not that Meriden Triumphs were ever known for comfort (a guy I knew in the late-‘70s sold his on account of his haemorrhoids, and you can’t get more loyal than that! I mean, I’d have changed my diet. You’d almost think he wanted an excuse to sell it: ‘What would all my Triumph-riding mates believe?’ He bought an RE5. And drifted away) yet the Duke seat looks as welcoming as a sheet of plywood! Well, it’s comfortable for the 1st 100 miles.

    Anyhow, so after nearly 16 years not so much as sitting on a motorcycle, I get back in the saddle on a 165mph + (presuming the Termi ups the top speed a little) thinly-disguised racer. So I did 25,000 miles on a Jota, long ago. I was confident, but not complacent. The trick is not thinking acceleration will be comparable. Or that you are. I was planning on visiting my traditional 'ton up' road to 'christen' the 999, as it were, but ended up doing my 1st ton, on the M4, by accident, overtaking. Which was a valuable lesson. As for me, though I can see well enough today, the difference between then and now is ridiculous. That, and the gut resting on the tank-pad, are a constant reminder that it’s been a long time and don’t you forget it!
    Otherwise, I still appear to have RH-change muscle memory and wonder if I'm too old to ever lose that now... but in most ways it’s like there was no 15 ½ year break; it isn’t just muscle memory – it’s who I am. Like a cowboy on a horse, I guess (I rode a horse, once, 20-odd years ago and thought: “Wow! It’s like a motorbike that’s alive!”)
    I used to buy Jota parts from Motodd, and Bonnie parts from Wilemans. I suspect I'll have many 999 parts sourcing questions to post here! I mean, are there actually any shops you can walk into and say "I'd like such-and-such a part", and they know exactly what you mean, and go get it? Do Ducati care? I get the idea they’d rather forget it.
    Apparently you like photos: my late mother on the Lav; late father on the Bonnie (panels removed for bell-mouths); Bip in Warwick.


    pater1 .jpg

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  2. welcome mate, where abouts in the shire are you??
  3. Hi Cookster,

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  4. ace me too :upyeah:
  5. Welcome and enjoy
  6. Yes, I see. I'm guessing that's the same estate I've been offloading old computers at the past decade and then some.:upyeah:
  7. Welcome to the forum.:)
  8. Welcome Wasted Time Lord, I'm in Cheltenham too :D

    Will keep an eye out for you, white Multistrada or walking around the place with a ancient/slow Golden Retriever and a black lab. I run a local biking meetup group if you're interested in ride-outs or social meets.
  9. What a great first post and fab pictures too :)
    I love old photos and a couple of cheeky bins too :D

    welcome into our mad house
  10. Probably not particularly interesting, but since I've already posted pics of my parents:
    Mum was born here - in that Tudor cottage, but Dad was from Fife, and came here when his dad quit LNER to be Groundsman at Ullenwood (he was the youngest of 4 siblings, and the entire family lived in that little gate house!)

    Dad knocked his teeth out crashing his Thunderbird in Winchcombe. :eek:
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  11. Hi Bumpkin,

    The group looks interesting, though I'm not sure I have the discipline - you know, not to go haring off on a whim?
    Essentially I quit drinking long ago because I preferred riding (and had a close shave 40 years ago when I came back from the pub merry enough that I got the 500 Triumph I was riding back then, out for a blast and nearly hit the kerb on an 'S' bend). So riding to pubs in places like Stow would be very frustrating, because I do still like a nice craft beer/guest ale on occasion!

    Anyway, I'm sure we'll talk about it some more, some time.

    Trips to the continent, on the other hand...! Post-EU hassle notwithstanding...

    Another pic - nearly more than 30 years ago and all rest assured I wouldn't dare ride like this today:

    Rethymnon, Crete

    kwacker3 .jpg
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  12. welcome wasted_time_lord'
  13. Thank you, Ducbird. 'Cheeky' is my middle name (I don't know what my parents were thinking!) but your 'bins' has lost me! ('Ignorant' might have been a more appropriate nom de sandwich).

    You look so much like a housemate of mine from 20 years ago, I checked out your profile. I'm still only sure you're not Sue because I'd have been told if she'd moved down from Grimsby. So anyway, I hope your health is improved.

    (I used to fancy her something rotten! :p)
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  14. Thats got to be the best reply from a newbie :blush: very cheeky but love it
    I do like a nice rubbish bin you know the kind you put your rubbish in ;)

    Now I know I have a secret admirer :innocent:

    My health is stable thank you :)
  15. Sorry, I just keep thinking of Baby Bunting (almost wrote Baby Grumpling!). But you did say this was a Mad House.

    I'll kill him!

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  16. Still not riding!

    Not long after I got the bike, the no. plate got dragged over the wheel - presumably I backed it into the post I chain the back wheel to. Naturally the bracket snapped. I improvised a bracket, as I was going to Basingstoke that AM. And when I got there I found I now lost the plate entirely! That's when I found out you can't just have one made without the log book (which I don't carry!).
    When I got back to Chelt is when I found out the kinds of mileage you can do without a no. plate!
    So I got a plate made, and made another bracket; and you know, I'd stop from time to time to see if it was still there! So, while I'm trying to find the genuine article online, the latest bracket seems fine - until about 1000 miles later I realize I'm riding without a no. plate again!
    I finally found the correct - used - bracket (on Ebay). So I'm waiting for that to arrive. Because I don't want to go back to Spa Motorcycles for my 3rd no. plate!
    I finally figured it out: my improvised brackets were springy enough to rebound towards the tyre when it hit a bump hard enough to compress the shocker to near full deflection - and zzzzzzip! under the seat it goes!
    Which is why I'm not riding on a fabulous day!
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  17. Great intro.
  18. Wow that shirt!!! Very nostalgic photos, welcome to the forum :upyeah:
  19. Welcome - and you mention Wilemans? There used to be a Wilemans in Derby, a Triumph dealer, with a fab showroom with T160 Tridents on display amongst other beauts.
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