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New Monster? Pics...

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Jez900ie, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. I am saving my nickels for a 2018 M1200R in Black.
    Then my 2014 M1200s becomes a track bike.


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  2. Well from those dodgy shots it looks very ordinary indeed.
    Are bike manufacturers heading the way of cars and being almost indistinguishable from each other?
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  3. That's some kid that's built a project bike for his GSCE project and using it for his CBT
  4. real or not?

  5. I've only just placed a deposit on the 2020 Monster 1200s. If these pictures are anywhere near the final design I'm glad I did!!
  6. I think that's a V4 Monster, which if it is, is a really big move. I was totally convinced it would stay as a twin as long as they possibly could!
  7. That's an interesting point. Hasn't the Multi also ditched the single sided swinging arm in its v4 guise?
  8. Yeah, which is one of the reasons I'm fairly sure this is a V4, unless they stick with the testastretta engine, which I doubt they will, the panigale engine wouldn't work with the trellis or front frame as it's mounts are between the heads, so I think this is a V4 engine. Interestingly the firing order does a good job of replicating the twin feel so they might get away with it but would need significant changes to avoid it just being a streetfighter in a different body. Maybe it's reduced CC for example with a heavier crank, maybe it's a 900cc.
  9. ugh… how bloody unpleasant is that?
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  10. Engine in the spy shots is a L twin
  11. Wow. That is underwhelming in the extreme :(
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  12. Seeing as the V4 Streetfighter exists I doubt that they would build a Monster based on the same platform. As the V2 Streetfighter is a fairly definite thing for the future I likewise doubt that they would use that engine, although it would be the easy choice, but why make two similar naked street bikes based on the same platform? So is it the 937cc engine from the Hypermotard, Multistrada and Supersport in a Panigale V2 style frame? Which seems like an odd thing to do. Maybe it’s a totally new engine.

    Whatever it is it looks thoroughly uninspiring. I couldn’t be more underwhelmed if I found a whelm and crawled under it.
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  13. I am betting we will ALL save some coin buying a Favorite Monster with the Trellis frame BEFORE that comes out...

    Soon enough
    2024... The Monster is back with a TRELLIS FRAME!!! First ride video...
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