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Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by tazdevil, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. just picked this up and added to the collection not a Ducati but a little Billy wizz goes spot on for a 30 year old bike been stored for past 9 years and low mileage needs a bit of tlc on the body but not to much flow through its mot DSC03690.JPG DSC03690.JPG DSC03692.JPG

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  2. Nice bike Ive never seen one with that headlight before,most have the twin rc30 style,enjoy it!
  3. looks like a little cracker :upyeah:
  4. Tremendous :upyeah:
  5. very tasty
  6. Loving that!! :upyeah:
  7. Looks really good. I have exactly the same model parked at the back of my garage and it has the same colour scheme but is not in the immaculate condition that yours is (will take a photo when I can get to the back of the garage) It belonged to my wife but she has now given up biking due to eye problems and I decided to keep it for my own use as I always enjoyed riding it. Great little buzz bomb!
  8. this us the nc24 which was a grey import built in the late 80s latter they updated to the nc30 with twin lights and that was imported for 4 years so that's the one you see a lot off
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  9. if you got one there only going up in value this just needs a little bit doing on bottom of fairing but worth doing right I call it a screaming banshee
  10. Very nice, lovely motor
  11. I've been looking at these. You can pick them up in various conditions for £2.5-7k. Do you think these will be a future classic and appreciate in value in excess of say £8k. Not like the RC30 of course as it doesn't have the pedigree but my rather useless gut is saying 8k ish tops... Theres a good one on the well known auction site but they are asking top money for it and where I think they will end up in terms of value. But what do I know.

    Just tried to find the one on ebay and it's gone. Might even be @tazdevil bike!

    Anyway, looks great fella, wouldn't mind one myself. May even have a look at one this weekend that close to me geographically.
  12. Welcome to 400 land, was out on my rvf tonight awesome bikes are 400's ...nice vfr mate
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  13. Great machine, the beauty of bikes like that is that you can use all of the performance and not be doing 200mph!, I had a ZXR400 a couple of years back and it was terrific fun to ride.
  14. very lovely indeed...timeless those things are
  15. not my first rodeo with a 400 when this was new back in 88 had its predecessor the vf400 that was a fun bike
  16. That's exactly right, absolute nail on head
  17. I had a Gilera Nuovo Saturno for 16 years for exactly those reasons-it was huge fun to ride and you could use everything it had. Brilliant on track as well since it only weighed 140kg and handled great-Brembo brakes, ladder chassis, top spec Marzocchi suspension, and Marvic wheels.
    Sold it last year and now have a Gilera Nordwest which if anything is even more fun as it is everything the Saturno was but doesn't kill my wrists.......getting old is a bitch!