New Paint And Proper Mint Up

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Docsnugs, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Freshly painted fairings and new decal for my 1198SP. Looking very nice, cant wait for Spring.
    Colour matched with Cromax Pro Basecoat and a Spectrophotometer, covered with Cromax CC6700 low energy Clear lacquer



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  2. Immaculate finish, who did the work for you?
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  3. thanks, did it myself...i am European training manager for a Automotive paint manufacturer
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  4. Very nice!
  5. Managed to get it finished (bar mirrors) and short blast- love it P1000592.JPG P1000617.JPG P1000627.JPG P1000628.JPG
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  6. Looks really nice,apart from that one run.......just there!
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  7. Yeah I can see it too, just on the front bit :D
  8. no runs on my paint :p
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  9. No bins either :thinkingface::blush:
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  10. 1198 SP still gives me wood
  11. Axalta?
  12. there will be if we don't get a wheelybin shot.
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  13. Fancy paint the rear fairing of a hyper for me?;)
  14. wheelybin pic first.. don't distract the man, there's a good lad.
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  15. yes
  16. lol!, don't even have one
  17. nobody said it has to be yours...
  18. Mmmm :thinkingface:
    You know Paul Walsh :)
  19. Exige, i don't know him - sorry
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  20. I dont know him either.