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1100 New Radiator Guard From Jamie Clare - Review

Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by El Toro, May 10, 2019.

  1. Well thanks to @Jamie Clare I now have a fancy rad guard on my Scrambler 1100 Sport :)

    So how was it delivered? And how easy was it to fit? And how does it look?

    1. It was well packaged and protected in a lovely cardboard box. The box was well padded out with brown paper to stop the contents rattling around inside. The guard itself was wrapped in thin foam to give it further protection. Also included in the box were four sticky pads that were to be fitted to the inside four corners (reverse) of the guard and two cable ties to secure the bottom of the guard to the radiator.

    2. Fitting was a doddle, even for a technical retard like me. It took all of about 5 minutes to fit. First thing to do was press the four sticky back rubber pads in place on the reverse of the guard, in each corner. You then "hang" the guard over the top of the radiator and push it into place. Then came the last bit - pushing the cable tie through the pre-cut holes at the bottom corners of the guard and threading the cable tie around the base of the radiator (slightly fiddly but hardly technical). Tighten up and tidy up the cable ties, cut the excess cable off and job jobbed!!

    It took all of 5 minutes and looks ace.

    The guard itself is well designed and well made. Looks the business too.

    If you're in two minds about spending some of your hard earned on trinkets and farkles from @Jamie Clare then stop it.........simply order what you want and need from him. You will like what you get!! :)
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  2. Your very welcome buddy
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  3. Thought the title read from Marie Claire at first.
  4. At least we know where it went to my lovely.
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  5. This looks great. Jamie are you able to do one for the Diavel 1260S?
  6. I’m working on one buddy
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  7. Marvellous! Then I’ll certainly wait instead of getting the generic evotech one.

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