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Featured New Stable Mate..

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by AJL277, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Went up to Fowlers in Bristol from North Devon to collect it last week. I had a fear a lock down like this would happen and that would be it for a while..
    Yes I know it's a Ducati forum ... The V4S is in the background having a new carbon belly pan fitted.
    Wouldn't want it to get jealous of the new kid..

    Fowlers.jpg 765 EvoTech.jpg
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  2. Bea....u....ti...ful

    lets us know what it’s like to ride when the time comes.
  3. Thread moved
  4. that does look ace :upyeah:
  5. Very good looking machine, mate has a 765 RS and sounds incredible, imagine yours will sound similar. :)
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  6. Nice mate, I’ve got a Daytona 675R as well as my Panigale V2 so it seems a number of us see them as good stable mates!

    have you ridden it yet? Interested in your views when you do
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  7. Thanks folks.
    As I said only collected the bike last week and still running it in.
    I also have owned a 675r Daytona for the last 7 years and love it.
    First impressions .... Like the previous triple which is one fantastic bike, but better. It now has more up to date kit. Quick shifter is now up & down with auto blip. 5 5 Rider modes TFT Dash. OK I put the scrolling indicators on. If you've never ridden a Daytona or Street triple you should.
    I was gutted I missed out when the Moto2 Reps where released but thought the Daytona is such a all round package Triumph will release something for the masses...NO. So when this cancelled order became available I thought about it long and hard .... and after 2 seconds said I'd have it.

    Garage.jpg Moto2 Rep 765.jpg
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  8. Lovely! I have a Gen 1 675R and would happily get rid of it for another Gen 2 as I think it’s a nicer bike to ride
  9. Plus one. I have a 765rs. Great bike.
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  10. I think the gen 1 R is one of the prettiest bikes out there.
  11. Whilst we are not talking Ducati, Fowl Ups are my nearest Guzzi dealer.

    How did you find Fowlers to deal with?
  12. Hi PerryL
    When I say Fowlers I only dealt with one salesman and I have no complaints at all.
    I was made to feel very welcome. He knew I wasn't local so made sure they filled the tank for me to get home. Told me not to worry about bringing anything up with me. When I said what about the manuals etc ... he said I'll sort something for you. That turned out to be a free Triumph ruck sack.
    He gave me a discount on the scrolling indicators, you get given a loyalty card with £10 on it. Plus the first service would be parts only if I took it back to them a saving of £60 70.
    On the flip side I bought a V4S and got a key ring. Not a Ducati key ring just the dealers...
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  14. I really think this will be a great bike, I’ve heard though of people finding out it’s missing some features that the new generation street triple has around things like phone connectivity etc. Now I completely appreciate it’s a Supersport race rep but I think for £16k people wanted it to have the latest tech that triumph offer. Dealers are saying it’s limitation in the wiring loom which tbh made some people think it’s a bit of a bitsa. I guess though you could say that about the Panigale V2 (959 with V4 lights, 1299 swing arm etc)
  15. In the vid LCR says its the 2019 dash, which is the one on my bike. I made an enquiry to Triumph about updating the software so i could get connectivity as the system is backwards compatible. It was going to be hundreds, so I went no further, but I believe it is possible to do.
    Be a tough choice between one of these and a V2 i think.

  16. Yeah I agree some people expected a few more bells and whistles. But for me phone connectivity is right down the bottom of the list. I've an intercom for that.
    Some LED lights or rearsets would of been nice.
    Price £16,000.... No No No £15,765 :)
  17. Hahaha sorry I was slightly out! I’d love to try one I have to say, I have bought the V2 and love it, if the D765 is as good it will be a great shame it’s limited to 765 bikes
  18. I'm gonna get a Guzzi (although I haven't definitely decided which one yet - probably the V85 TT Travel) and so it's either Fowlers or Moto Corsa, who are much further away. I've dealt with Fowlers for years by buying kit there or using the cafe - and spares when I've had Jap stuff. They are the most convenient because I can get the train as they are by Bristol Temple Meads station.
  19. Is the silver union jack paint, decals laquered over or on top of the laquer?

  20. Hi Noobie

    decals laquered over.

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