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1260 New Termignoni Landed Multistrada 1200/1260

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Motorcycle Performance Store, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. imo it just doesn't look like it's meant for that bike
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  2. No, the current stubby craze makes it look like a beginner has hacked your exhaust and that one^^ looks like a k&n car filter and tube.
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  3. It’s just fugly :tired_face:
  4. The sad part is that it does nothing:
    No weight saving (over the PP carbon model)
    No sound improvement
    No added performance

    It's just for looks...if you like it.
    Personally, I like the look but not bling crazy enough to buy it.
    However, please give me a nudge when there's a similar full system available.
    #5 DarR, Jun 5, 2019
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  5. It's a niche product frankly but many will take up the kit. Just to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Owning a Ducati already makes you stand out from the crowd.
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  7. Well I have one on order and I love the look of it, a link pipe will become available but I fear it might be a tad loud....
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  8. Seen on the bike I think it's spot on....

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  9. Does look better on admittedly, but still looks a little ‘Halfords’
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  10. Thing is there is a weight saving over the standard pipe and what proof do you have that there is no sound improvement. Comparing the standard exhaust to this tells me there must be a difference in sound...
  11. Does not come with an upmap?
  12. On it's own no remap necessary, if you got the link pipe too then you'd need the upmap
  13. Not at a Ducati meet...
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  14. Any news on the new full system you mentioned earlier?
  15. Hi James, has mine been sent out?, no notifications received as yet...
  16. As the well know saying goes; "beauty is in the eye of"....etc!
    Sorry to have to say, but to me it looks absolutely hideous :poop::scream:
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  17. You can test this yourself very easily. Just remove the "so called" stock exhaust and run the engine. You will immediately realize it's not any louder. The exhaust does nothing. It's not a muffler.
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  18. Fair enough, surprising but that collector box/cat is massive I suppose!
  19. Absolutely.
    As previously said, I like the Pikes Peak race replica design and would look forward to seeing a full system that removes the mid-section and supplied with an upmap. Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen because a non-restrictive mid-section would be akin to a straight pipe exhaust which would be so loud, it wouldn't even pass most local race track noise compliance.
    The existing Termignoni full system is a good example. I has a "more or less" flow-through mid section but requires a big end muffler to tone it down.
    As for the Pikes Peak race, it's once per year out in the Colorado desert starting at 8000ft. Nobody cares about sound levels there but local tracks would.
    #20 DarR, Jun 6, 2019
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