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Featured 996 New (to Me!) 996r

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by James Thomas, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Hello folks,

    After years of lusting after an R/SP spec 916-era bike, I've finally pulled the trigger on a 996R (number 311) that's been in a collection in South Africa for a number of years. It's been regularly - if sparingly - used, with less than 6000km on the clock and full service history.


    Now just got to wait for the 4 weeks for it to sail around to me here in Dubai!

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  2. Cool:upyeah: Well done and bought unseen too I presume. Let us know of your experiences when it arrives ie is it as described, shipping etc., I'm sure there's many on here would be interested in the experience of another who bought a bike from overseas unseen in the flesh.
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  3. Yes and no... luckily the Pres. of the Dubai Ducati Owners Club is 'stuck' in South Africa at the moment and, even more luckily, lives 20 minutes from where the guy who's selling the bike. So, she went and checked it out for me and, even judging by the rest of his collection, reckoned it should be a very safe buy.

    By the way, if anyone is interested, he's slimming out his collection and has a number of Ducati 996/998/748/999 SP/R variants potentially for sale.
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  4. :thinkingface: iirc the fact a large collection in SA was being sold off was discussed somewhere else on here a good few months back.

    Sounds good though and you were fortunate to have someone who knows and who you can trust in place at the right time :upyeah:
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  5. Looks absolutely mint. Will be a long 4 weeks wait!

    Are you planning to ride it or store it?
  6. What a excellent choice,one of the best models ever from that Ducati period & you won't be disappointed my friend.
  7. There's no way I'm not riding it! It won't be doing 10k km a year (or even 1k probably) but it'll definitely have the occasional hoon around Yes Marina circuit
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  8. Very NIIIIIICE!!:upyeah:
  9. That’s fabulous,well done
  10. That is a beautiful bike, congratulations.
  11. Great to have a dream bike fulfilled, enjoy James'
  12. Lucky chap!
  13. Gorgeous piece of kit!
  14. Phwoarrrrrrrrrr
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  15. This is one of my favourite bits on these bikes....the way the middle section flows into the seat unit. The reflections on this picture really highlight this. I think I read a comment recently which said that this was one of the features lacking in the 999, that the seat unit looks sort of detached from the rest of the bike.
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  16. That is absolutely stunning. Do send more pics when you've got your hands on it.
  17. Looks stunning, I’m not envious at all not even a little bit, enjoy
  18. Welcome dude
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