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Featured 1200 New To Me Multitool

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Chuggy, Oct 31, 2021.

  1. Mornings
    Took the plunge yesterday and bought me a multitool
    1200s 66 plate with touring pack

    ...make a me very 'appy
    A nice stablemate for my diavel

    I'll be looking for a tomtom satnav mount and maybe top box, if anyone has any nice linkys
    Thanks 20211030_130028.jpg
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  2. Have fun with your new Mutley!

    Did they do a red framed red version?
  3. Nice, how did you find the guys at the Superbike factory?
  4. ..winterize it or ride it like I do?
  5. Welcome and enjoy!
  6. They were fine... no issues, no stress or drama... it's goingin elsewhere tomorrow for a new fuel sender unit ( imagine that!) And SF haven't complained about paying for it
  7. It's a rider.... only my zxr gets stored for winter
  8. [

    Did they do a red framed red version?[/QUOTE]

    My frame is red too. I think it was standard on the red bikes.
  9. Ah, OK, thanks. My memory playing tricks with me then.
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