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Featured New To The Forum - Collection Day Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Jim_UK, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. So after 3.5 years on a Hyperstrada 939 I've decided to make the change to a MS 1260 S.

    Very excited to be collecting this tomorrow. It's a 2019 with 5.5k on and touring pack plus it's got an evotech tail tidy and the full Termi and the upmap.

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  2. Very nice indeed. Health to enjoy. :upyeah:
  3. Thanks. Rode a 1200 S back in 2016 when I started looking at bikes again after a long period of not riding and felt the HS would suit my needs well which it certainly has. We did the NC500 last year and 1700 miles in 9 days was good fun but definitely a stretch of its capabilities but very excited to get some miles on MS.
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  4. Well done :upyeah:
    Had my 1260 just shy of a year now. very happy upgrade from the 1100S multi I had before. It was a lot of money for me to spend on a bike..... but so far I'm a happy camper. Got more toys than I'll ever use, or fully understand :joy:
    Just in the process of having my seat reshaped to get rid of the U shape so I don't keep sliding forwards !
  5. Past my test in 1997, usual for me to keep a road bike no longer than 18 months before a change, had my multi dvt new in September 2015..not felt the need to change ..does everything so well
    Looks a lovely machine ..enjoy !!
  6. Very nice!! it won't be that shiny when you get home !!
  7. Strange that you should be collecting it the same day as my bin is collected :p
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  8. Congratulations! Looks a lot like the one I picked up in December. Very much looking forward to the better weather to get some miles in!
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  9. Nice one, Jim. They’re great bikes. I love mine, but am trading it in for a V4. I really hope I don’t regret it.
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  10. I'm quite undecided about the V4. No doubt it will be a great bike but the looks for me aren't quite right. The PP looks good with the single-sided swing arm. But a V4 would be a bit out of my price range at the moment anyway!
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  11. I hope that’s a typo? If it’s not you’d better duck because the Multi-mafioso might send you a message in the way of a horses head :joy:

    welcome along and enjoy your new ride
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  12. Good arrows and welcome.
  13. Yeah, I thought the same about the normal version, so ordered a PP.
  14. In its defence (v4S) it got me off the Gs1250 as its was brilliant ... the PP will be where I want to be next as the V4 motor is brilliant and coupled with the new options in tyres , a scratchers dream ,( now I cant ride sports bikes ) and the Ohlins will I hope be better than the skyhook , which if it is be fooking awsome as the sky hook is fantastic.
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  15. Yes, typo!! Thanks, looking forward to some warmer weather in the next few months.
  16. I gave up sports bikes in 2006 after too many incidents, including a little off my 954 Fireblade at the time. 12 years off no bikes so the Hyperstrada was my first bike since then and my first Ducati.

    Does the new PP have active suspension now? I was looking at the PP versions 1200/1260 but decided an S with a Touring pack was exactly what I needed.
  17. Yep, the new PP has semi active Ohlins.
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  18. I enquired about that bike before Christmas because of the all important Termi.

    Didn’t look as nice as that on the ad. Congratulations, that’s a cracker....
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  19. Thanks. It was at a dealer very local to me so decided to go and have a look and ended up putting a deposit on it the next day.
  20. Tomorrow has arrived! Enjoy the new bike!
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