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1299 New Toy Or Not?

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Brom66, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Took out the S1000rr for, a test tide today not the best condition with all the holiday traffic down here in Cornwall but can't decide whether I like it or not.. Anyone else tried on, only used it road mode.. DSC_0619.JPG DSC_0619.JPG



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  2. If you liked it, get it :upyeah:
  3. Looks shite next to your Pani.
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  4. That's the problem don't know if I do, bland boring no soul.. But will it be reliable? Actually had a smile when I got back on the 1299 but it's what I'm used too
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  5. Even there salesmen said that..
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  6. Same here and mine is. the porker V4 (to some at least, not me).
    I’m undecided. BMW is a better road bike, no doubt. But, it’s a bit too competent.
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  7. Depends what you are after. I’d wager the bmw will be easier to ride at A road speeds and easier to ride at track flat out speed.

    In the garage looking at it, the pani is way better. (As long as it’s. It V4 ;) )

    Reliability? Who cares. 3 yr warranty and breakdown and ime very, very good customer service. A level above ducati.

    Classic heart v head :p
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  8. The BMW colours always make them look a little better than the regular coloured ones. :thinkingface:

    In the BMW colours, this one doesn't look as nice as your Panigale. :confused:

    I'd wager it's technically brilliant though.
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  9. Time will tell. Always had iffy transmissions and @bradders had an S1000R that shat itself for no good reason. Let's wait and see ;)
  10. Pretty rare tho tbf. But, like Ducati, Kawasaki and Yamaha, they love a lunch on a gearbox
  11. OK :)
  12. If it's anything like the 2010MY I had a while back,it'll be (boringly) reliable (road use only though).
  13. Had a 2016 s1000rr tyco race rep but thanx to bmw stupidity on first service got a full refund, so bought the 1299s, hated the 1299s when I first rode it, had to change riding style to suit, now its infectiously additive., but I'm hacked off with the reliability. It went wrong before my Spain trip, quickshift again got it back the day before we left and second day in Spain DES failure. Three euro trips faults everytime its so frustrating how something that makes me grin can makes me grimish also. I've got virtually every Ducati performance accessory of the bike bar the tail tidy, got the full akro, rearsets you name it, worked it out yesterday around £8.5k, along with extended warranty of nearly £1k aswell and boy do you need it.
    So the deal is around £6k to change in standard trim, plus they will give me a s1000r until my delivery date of January but expected to be more likely June.
    Has Bradders says Head v Heart
    #13 Brom66, Jul 21, 2019
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  14. Is it really boring though? Or is it an early perception that it could be?

    Let's be honest, it's a 200bhp superbike, one that'll work, or at least have a much higher probability of stress free ownership

    It'll run through towns at 30mph in 5th or 6th and not shudder itself to pieces, you can wash it and get water on the dash without it failing, the quick shifter and blipper will work like butter consistently and it'll be covered by probably the best customer service in the motorcycle industry should anything actually go wrong, and for 3 years, or 2 if buying approved used. What's not to like about that

    Even with an exhaust change, which will be cheap (comparatively) and make it sound way better especially on the downshift blips, you'll be able to rock up to any UK track day and get on track.....unlike a Ducati

    I must admit I do like the looks of the Panigales, and I'd probably get one at some point, but the beemer is hardly ugly.

    All that said it's up to each individually what they want when making a purchasing decision, me personally I've quite enjoyed owning many different brands after a spate of only Ducatis, life's too short not to go with new experiences.
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  15. I don't buy the soulless/boring thing with the beemer. A 200+hp weapon can't possibly be boring. I moved away from the IL4's years ago and got hooked on the V twin stuff and now it would seem, the V4's too.
    The fact that manufactures are now squeezing >200hp from ~1000cc engines, with decent service intervals, is incredible! There is so much more stress and strains on components at these power levels. It'll be really interesting (to me anyway) to see how the riders with their track whores, get along with reliability.
    I'm fairly certain a year from now pit garages will be rammed with new beemers. You can't knock ze Germans when it comes to engines :):upyeah:
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  16. Any left? And Honda don't count, they don't put enough poke through a transmission :D
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  17. I'd just buy a the new gsxr 1000 best value for money me reckons.
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  18. *tumbleweed*
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  19. This echoes me really, don't think i would consider a Ducati again, as i ride my bikes daily and they just can't take it. Hence went for the BMW, which is a step down for sure in terms of character over an Italian red V-Twin but it never fails to start again at a petrol station (after being ridden for an hour), isn't scared of rain or water in general getting inside it, and as mentioned above the customer service is phenomenal. I can depend on it to get me from A to B, and couldn't give two hoots to if other people like the look of it - they don't have to endure the hassle of unreliability.

    I'd even consider a BMW car now, and previously they did nothing for me.

    Might get the new Streetfighter though, if i like it after seeing it in the flesh.
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  20. I did
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