New Track Bike And Warrantys

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  1. Just wondering, If you bought a brand new bike with warranty, then took it straight on track, the warranty should still apply right?

    What if you took the fairings off and wrapped in bubble wrap and replaced with race?

    Removed the lights, switches, etc and replaced but left the loom in tack?

    Race exhaust system and remapped?

    At what point would the warranty be invalidated? Or would you need to return the bike to standard? And would you need to hide the fact you'd done all this other stuff?

    Could you turn up at the BMW garage with the bike on a trailer in full track spec and ask them to do the 12 month service just to get your service stamp and keep the warranty?

    I'd imagine things like blue printing the engine and lightening fly-wheels would invalidate.

    Also, as a new bike needs no MOT for 3 years can you ride a new track bike on the road with just a horn and reflector?????
  2. Cant imagine why not. Any problem would be investigated I’d imagine to se if track use (especially crashes) had impacted the regular warranty.

    FYI Ducati exclude all tri options race bikes from warranty, so even if you bought a used one after 6 months and turned back to roads bike, it has no warranty...
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  3. I'd imagine the warranty will be ok. I'll let you know anyhow because what you've described above is pretty much what I've done! I guess a lot of it boils down to your relationship with your dealer too.
    I think the Ducati diagnostic tool hooks up to the Bologna mainframe so to speak so unrecognized remaps may get picked up. I'm not too sure. @nelly could give a qualified answer...
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  4. What about ex-race school bikes? Like CSS school? I'd assume they are OK if serviced to the book.
  5. As long as its run in to the required standards, I cant image there is anything in the exclusions that would stop a warranty claim unless the users use has significantly, and disproportionately, contributed to the failure.

    Run in on dyno (I got a nuke the other day for suggesting that, no idea why) would be quickest way and probably least risk.

    My s1000 is restricted to 9500 until first service and I was told I can use all those revs, as much as I like, from the first mile
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  6. I was told by a Dyno Company that they run in Aprilia track bikes for 600 miles to ensure the warranty was upheld, they were doing them in batches at one point...
  7. You don't need a rear reflector :)
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  8. Castle Honda in castleford were selling a load of ex school bikes maybe haslems can't remember exactly, it was a few year back sure it was castle, but anyway wherever it was they said they sell them every year so basically just put road kit back on, all low mileage bikes varying in price
  9. IIRC, the warranty excludes any form of competitive use ie racing. Track days use is fine. I don't have the wording to hand, but it's in the warranty book. There used to be some mention of "appropriate service schedules" but I don't know for sure..... if you were caning it regularly then the schedule tightened up? Don't know 100% and certainly can't swear to it :)
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  10. Sounds right. I remember when I bought my 1098R from Martin at Ducati Glasgow. I think I got 18 months warranty and I remember him telling me track days were fine but not racing. Not that it applied to me, but I also remember thinking 'how would Ducati know the difference between TD's and racing'
    Anyhow, the warranty came in handy. I cracked a piston amongst other things....
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  11. don't you need to lockwire bits? I guess you could change them......
  12. I’ve tracked all my bikes. All have been under warranty. The dealers knew I rode them on track.

    Never had an issue
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  13. I took my mates S1000RR in for a warranty gearbox replacement, it was in full on race guise, the dealers knew it went straight on track but covered it fully although I’m not sure if that was company policy or just the dealer being a good egg.
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  14. From the Ducati site - 'does not apply to motorcycles used in sporting competitions of any type'
    So don't enter competitions :upyeah:
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  15. You can lockwire a road bike ;)
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  16. Daydreaming led me to wonder. Certainly not yet.
  17. warranties...
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  18. I MOT'd my track Yamaha 350YPVS - the only proviso was a horn and a rear reflector for a day light MOT

  19. Was doing the same to my blade till I spoke to the Insurance company.