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Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Xeno Mark, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Hi, Thanks for the add.
    These are my two Ducati's.
    The 900ss was a winter recommission that I just finished. It had been off the road for some time and little or no maintenance for a few years before only 14k from new. I've just finished it and put it on the road and it rides beautifully.
    The Multi is a bike I've wanted for ages and only just bought. I owned a 07 Benelli Tre-k 1130 from new and when I finally let someone prise it away from me I went shopping and found this immaculate 2011 Pikes Peak.


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  2. Welcome dude
  3. Welcome to the Forum Mark :upyeah: and well done on keeping an old Doc on the road.
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  4. A bit of a fan with the 900ss's:upyeah:..welcome
  5. I sold my multi for an old school 900ss!
    Welcome to the forum.
  6. Welcome :):upyeah:
  7. Welcome along
  8. Hello :upyeah:.
  9. Welcome fellow Brizzle dweller - what year is your SS?
  10. Hi and welcome
    The Brizzle chapter keeps growing
  11. Welcome, 2 lovely looking ladies you have
  12. 1995
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  13. Thank you
  14. Thanks, poles apart in terms of riding experience but both fun.
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  15. Thanks
  16. Thanks, Great bikes
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  17. Many thanks
  18. Thanks
  19. Welcome and that's a nice pair.....oo er Missus!
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