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  1. Hello and thank you for the welcome.
    I've had an ST2 for a few years and enjoyed it no end. Not that I've used it for any proper touring yet, but I went to the Classic TT on it this year complete with tent (yes in all that rain!) and all my kit and it was superb.
    Then last weekend I bought a cheap 851 off ebay (what could possibly go wrong there!).
    I've only had chance to ride it up and down the road a few times, but so far so good - it certainly wants to go! :eek:

    The other bikes I own are a 77 BMW R100RS (first year, so drum rear brake and spoked wheels), a 63 Norton Dominator (inherited from my Dad) and a 1950 Vincent Comet (no, I couldn't afford one now!)
    I have used links and advice off this forum to do belts and shims on the ST recently, and with Ducati's now being the majority brand in my garage I thought I'd better get "on board".
    I'll be doing the same jobs on the 851 in the next few weeks as well as a full service, Brakes, Forks, Shock etc and a general tidy up ready for next year.

    Wish me luck!

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  2. Hello and good luck dude
  3. Welcome Mike :):upyeah:
  4. G'day bloke, from the Land of Champions.
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  5. Welcome Dave
  6. I was in america recently and when asked where i came from i said Northampton. The American i was speaking to said, "what state is that in?"
    i said its a fooked up shit hole...;):upyeah:
  7. My cousin was a bike cop in Northamptonshire :bucktooth:
  8. who is your cousin pm if you like
  9. Welcome to the forum chap:upyeah:love 851/888:)
  10. Welcome Mike and nice bikes.
  11. Welcome Mike ,good luck
  12. Nice collection! Welcome and enjoy.
  13. Morning mike
  14. Welcome Mike, sounds like a nice garage full.
  15. Thanks everyone! andyb, you're not wrong!
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum. :)