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Newbie From Sydney

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by GeorgeO, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Hi there

    New to Ducati's, new to this forum but not to riding. Been riding around the past 4 years on an MV Agusta Brutale and since i was predominantly doing multi day touring thought i should invest in something a bit more suited to long distances.

    Bought my 'new to me' 2015 1200S Touring in December and have spent the last few weeks personalising the bike. It's been a VERY busy few weeks

    The day i picked her up - flirty little thing....


    They make a good pair - my Euro empire taking shape!

    I immediately proceeded to increase the standing velocity of the bike by 20 kph with the addition of rim tape. Easiest bang for buck performance increase!

    I fitted and modified a new Ducati rear topbox plate to fit the Givi tank bag quick release.


    I also fitted my Garmin GPS


    I bought the necessary cables and plugs, downloaded Melcodiag and proceeded to fault find the annoying DSS warning light (the frt accelerometer cable was pinched in the steering head area and causing an earth - i must have upset it when installing the GPS power). I also learnt how to strip the ENTIRE bike to get to the wires.


    The front brakes are a bit 'grabby' and uneven. Thanks to info on this forum it also seems to be a common issue, so after cleaning the rotor bobbins, proper brake caliper cleaning, proper brake bleed and deglazing of rotors with fine steel wool i was forced to admit defeat and just received some Brembo replacements in the post. I will fit them this weekend

    Anyway - enough about me. Hope to learn lots and contribute as much as I can on this forum. I'm quite active on some others as well.
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  2. Welcome Dave
  3. Welcome aboard George:upyeah:...and picture two says it all really how you should ride your motorcycle with style on top of the fuel tank;)....also sorry to hear about the wildspreadfires,& hopefully they will be extinguished any time soon.
  4. Thanks mate

    Yes, it's rather smokey around here at present.

    One of the favorite most known roads near Sydney (Putty Road) was closed due to the bushfires for some 6 weeks. The road was finally opened last week and we headed out to support the Grey Gum International Cafe (they are about 100km north on Putty Road and a famous biker stop)

    There is nearly nothing left. Truly sad


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  5. Welcome to the Forum George, great intro & love the mural:upyeah:
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  6. Wow,when mother nature has a tantrum run for cover everytime and prayer to the lord,but give it time and it will regenerate.Happy riding:upyeah:
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  7. Welcome George
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  8. Welcome George , Brembo a good upgrade.Best Wishes to yourself and fellow countrymen
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  9. Welcome to the forum George ,and our thoughts are with your countrymen and women in these testing times .
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  10. Welcome Dude :cool::upyeah:
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  11. Welcome and enjoy. Nice collection!
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  12. Welcome to the madhouse George, I love the Brutale.
    I’ve never owned an MV, something I should rectify before it’s too late.
    Saying that, I’ve never owned a Norton but I’m f##### if I’m planning to rectify that.....
    Such sad news coming from Aus, my thoughts are with you all.
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  13. Great intro
    Not sure there is a bin I might forgive you with the black box and white bag

    So sad to see nature’s destruction and my thoughts have been with you all there over the days

    Welcome into our mad house :)
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  14. Welcome George
    Love the performance mod!
    Wheelie bins are a requirement in every outdoor bike shot, forum rules I think!
    Those bike do make a great pair.
    Hope those bush fires get under control soon, stay safe.
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  15. welcome george
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  16. Welcome, some useful mods you made to the bike there, might try the rim tape myself!, great machine the Multi, what’s your opinion on the Brutale?.
  17. I think the best way to describe the Brutale (especially when compared to a Multi) is 'sensory overload'

    With the Brutale it feels like one is on top and inside of the engine, every rpm, every movement being felt and burnt into your brain. Think of changing a line through a corner and you are already there. Hugely satisfying, but on the down side very mentally tiring over multi day long distances. I've done 48000 km the last 4 years, mostly touring. Would i buy it again - HELL YES!!

    Above: Me over the group intercom discussing a detour in the middle of nowhere after a train broke down over the only railway crossing near. As the tank range is only 220km at max, i coasted into the next fuel stop on fumes!

    Still do the odd track day as well

  18. Thanks George, it’s a bike I’ve been looking at for a while, I’ll see about organising a test ride when the weather picks up.
  19. Welcome to the Madhouse Forum mate.
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  20. Hi & welcome
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