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Newbie Just Bought My First Duc 848 .... Noticed A Fuel Leak From Breather Already

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by DRL, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Hi guys just wanted to introduce myself and my new 848 (see pic below) .... ChrisW has already been extremely help and it's much appreciated.

    Just noticed a little pool of fuel (I think) from this breather pipe, I take it that's not supposed to happen?


  2. Nice bike. :upyeah: re: leak - it could be one of two things, if you topped up with fuel recently and had a small amount of spillage around filler neck, then it's nothing to worry about (and it's most likely that it is this). If it's not due to this, then it can be due to the moulded-in internal "drain" tube becoming perforated which sadly is much harder to cure, if even possible. Usual confirmation for latter is that it rarely stops dripping once perforated so if drip subsides/has subsided - then fingers crossed.
  3. Hi and welcome. What Chris said.
  4. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah:
  5. Welcome and thread moved and title amended to suit
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  6. thanks for all the quick replies .... the breather pipe does seem to be dry now ..... here is the sequence of events: picked up the bike Saturday, put a tank of fuel in her (can't remember if i spilt any in the filler next) road for a good 2 hours home with a stop for lunch (no drips while i was admiring her and eating lunch) I noticed the small puddle the next morning .... does this help determine whether it's just fuel around the filler neck or the internal drain leaking?
  7. Welcome and if it’s not leaking leave it alone
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  8. Welcome along
  9. no, not really. the drain even when not perforated, often gets partially silted up/blocked so could explain the delay before it leaked. If no more spillage during next use, during this tankful then probably ok.
  10. Welcome nice bike had the 848 evo great bike / got a brand new carbon front mud guard for sale.
  11. welcome drl'
  12. Hey Daveboy

    If nobody has grabbed the front mudguard I’m interested. Pm sent
  13. Welcome to the Forum DRL :upyeah: (although I note you've been hiding quietly in the wings for over a year).

    It's hot in the UK at present, or so I'm led to believe, it may be simply from fuel vapours in the tank, produced by the heat, condensing and running down the tube. Or a simple spill when filling. If it were mine, I'd not worry about it (although understandable on a new to you bike) but just keep an eye on it. I'm sure it's al fine :upyeah:
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  14. Hi thanks again for your replies, yep been on here for a while, just had a difficult time getting rid of my Daytona 675r but finally made the move.

    Will keep an eye on the breather, it was dry this morning.
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  15. Hello and welcome to the forum
  16. You've not had a ruptured drain in a tank then Paul ? It doesn't look at all like this is the culprit but caution and possibility are good to keep in mind just in case. I would swear most front sprockets would take 5 minutes to remove when a youngster, but now i know better. :upyeah:
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  17. LOL, Shame I cant rate that funny & like :upyeah:
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