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Newbie With 939 Sp {pic}

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by TomLum, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Ive recently bought my first Ducati, a 939SP. Its completely stock currently so im looking for a few additions. Ive only done a few miles on it so far but already find the stock seat too restrictive and I hear good things about the 'race seat' so im on the lookout for one :) Other mods im interested in;

    • Bar end mirrors - I like motogadget
    • Tail tidy
    • Qucikshifter

    Im based in Horsham - West Sussex so be good to know if there are any other local members!

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  2. hello and welcome dude....
  3. Welcome Dave
  4. Welcome my Son.. X
  5. Cool bike
  6. Welcome to the Forum TomYum:upyeah:
  7. Welcome along
  8. Hi & welcome
  9. Lovely summer hoon tool, welcome chap
  10. Good to have you here
  11. Welcome Tom :):upyeah:
  12. thats not standard, full termi system and some evotech protection, stunning bike, wish i'd kept mine
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  13. Hi Tom.
    There’s a few of us on here near to you.
    We tend to get out most weekends depending on the weather.
    Always good to meet new folk so I’ll drop you a pm next time we’re out.
    Take it you use P&H?
  14. Nice. Tail tidy may put the number plate in the way of that Termi pipe. I'll measure my reduced-width plate that I've got on an Evotech tail tidy.....
    Personally, I'd not add bar-end mirrors if you're thinking of riding in traffic...
  15. Welcome to the forum
  16. Sounds good!

    Ive got a few other bikes so ive used P&H in the past for bits. Going to pop in and price up the race seat.
  17. Thanks, will put on a slightly smaller plate, just hope it squeezes in.

    Good point on the mirror width, didn't think of that. Will have a browse in the gallery and see what others have gone for.
  18. My 'CX18' plate is 195mm wide, with legal-minimum distance to the outer edges. I'm glad it's not CX68...
    Tail tidy pushes the indicators forward a good deal too. Front of the indicator body is in line with the E in HYPERMOTARD on the RH side...
  19. Welcome Tommy. :) :upyeah:
  20. Welcome and enjoy, Hypers rock!!
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