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1200 DVT Next Issue: Radiator Leak

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by hjr1100s, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. After the recent replacement of the complete rear shock due to failure of the electronic preload adjustment, I now discovered a small leak in the radiotor at the right-hand bottom.


    I didn't crash the bike or bumped into anything. I suspect a weld failing or crack. Bike is 2016, out of warranty, almost 60.000 km. I.m.o. this is not a part that I'd expect to fail ...

    Any suggestions? Repair? Replace? Just leave it as it is?

    Grtz. HJ
  2. Repair. Take it to a rad repair shop and get it done.
  3. Agree, If you can find a local rad replacement place get it done.

    I Have had on such open fronted bikes before, a stone impacting on the rad causing a need for repair. I only mention this as with quite a few impact damages, a £70 rad guard would have prevented it in most cases.
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  4. Make sure it's not overflow tank leak running down to radiator. Mine was I had to replace tank which is a poor design. The water drained down or blew backwards when running making it a little hard to find.
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  5. Try get Ducati good will
  6. my 2015 did this recently, turned out to be the pressed bosses in the end tank where the inner rad covers bolt to, just a small weep but as the aluminium is paper thin, I sent it away rather than try it myself
    the genuine part from Ducati is an Eye watering £840....thats not a typo !:astonished:
    repair from my local rad place, including full pressure test, re weld the boss in question, clean in bath of solution (which also get rid of the accumulated muck from inbetween the fins) and repaint....£25 all in, no brainer !:upyeah:
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  7. Funners thats a cracking price for a rad repair. Whats the name of the place please (i'm not local but even with postage that is cheap).
  8. I'll find out for you, its a place a mate of mine uses for his works rads and he took it in for me :)
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  9. Had de dealer have a look at it:

    It's leaking at the bottom bolt, the thread insert in the radiator I guess. It's the bracket that holds the side (winglet like) fairing part.

    They had seen one other example of such a failure. They're putting it forward to Ducati NL. Wait and see what they come up with.
  10. Using the radiator end tank as a mount for fairing parts is very poor engineering practice.
  11. my thoughts too. But I also see it on my 690 KTM. On that bike the plastic radiotor protector actually managed to pull out the bolt which attached it too the radiator ... out of the radiator .... and caused a leak... but that was after I trashed/crashed the bike off-road...

    The bracket acts like a lever. I can imagine that vibrations will cause the radiator to leak.
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  12. Mine’s just gone in same place, bottom bolt on the tab mount, irony is I was fitting a rad guard.
  13. they repaired (welded) it. no charge since they were at it while doing the desmo-service job.
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