1200 DVT Nice Little Christmas Eve Ride Out

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  1. Got out for a lovely ride this morning in brilliant sunshine and temperatures that started just above zero. Up Long Hill to Buxton, down to Leek and back home to Stockport via Macclesfield. Saw 10,000 miles come up on the way home (bike is pretty much worthless now then!) which isn't a bad year's riding considering it had 1600 miles on it when I bought the bike in April. Ridden well over 10,000 miles this year (I had a Multi 950 before the 1200S). The bike has never missed a single beat in those miles - it has been a really pleasure to own and ride.

    Merry Christmas to all and ride safe in 2019.
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  2. It certainly was nice to see some dry roads today with the sun beating down.
  3. Crikey it must have been cold at the top of long hill and going over towards Leek, I'm down in the warmer climate of Bakewell and the frost is as thick as snow and hasn't moved all day.
  4. Great to see another lunatic out in this freezing weather... if anyone fancies a Boxing Day ride let me know. Happy Christmas to you all and keep it the right way up!!!
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  5. I didn't see any dry roads where I was! The Michelin Road 5s were brilliant though, best tyres I've ever used but still a day for taking things easy
  6. Great tyres, I used them on my trip to Italy. Sporty, grippy and still loads of life left in them.
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  7. Had it quickly ride to work this morning to deal with a customer emergency. Left 0730 back home by 0950. Very strange feeling from the rear of the bike for the last 30 miles. Made it home on a very flat tyre that thankfully had a very stiff carcass
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  8. Wasn't a Pirelli then :confused:
  9. Pirelli Angel actually
  10. Just before leaving for the Knockhill BSB round, my mate looked at my rear tyre and said, it's a Pirelli, you ain't got enough tread on that, you'll have a puncture before we get back. I said there's loads left, don't worry.
    He said in his opinion the Pirelli carcass wasn't thick enough, and once below a certain depth were prone to punctures. Wish I'd asked him for the lottery numbers for that week now. The bike was unrideable with not enough air in the tyre.
  11. I think that’s exactly what I had as it was down to the wear marker and just went flat. Luckily I already ordered up a set of Dunlops the day before.

    It’s the side wall that was stiff and allowed me to make it home with a rear snaking like a shopping trolley
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