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Featured Ninja Ready To Roll….

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Poucher, Jun 28, 2021.

  1. Having 4 days away with the boys, ..ride all day, ..evening curry,..beers,…. talk bollox,…laugh like drains :joy::joy: !

    Bike is prepped and ready to go, only got this last year because we had a few European trips lined up,…that all got cancelled because of this Covid carry on :confused:
    Somehow, I’ve got nearly 8,000 miles on it :thinkingface:, .. I think somebody’s been riding it while I’m asleep :zzz::motorcycleduc:!

    Can’t wait to get away, great bunch of mates, the oldest one is in his mid seventies, looks like a little inoffensive village Vicar,…but rides like a demon!

    Bottom of his number plate reads :-

    “Let’s ride fukker”s!………:joy::joy: !
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  2. nice, my mates got a 2020, and he keeps on at me to give it a go, he loves it, absolutely loves it
  3. Have a go on it Phil, nowt to loose
    It’s ideal for all the long weekend/European trips ( when they happen! ) has everything you need, quickshifter/ blipper, cruise, hot grips, modes, tft screen, but it’s not stupid money.
    And it’s surprisingly bloody fast, due to excellent grunt and lowish gearing.
    I bought it with the intention of just banging loads of miles on it, I call this my “ workhorse “ where as my tricked up shiney 899 is the “show pony “ :D !

    I don’t get to precious about it, leaving it outside of hotels etc, ..it’s kind of expendable if you like, if it got nicked I wouldn’t be very happy, if the 899 got nicked I’d be suicidal,…they’d have to talk me down from the bridge,..life just wouldn’t be worth carrying on :joy::joy: !!
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  4. Have fun all and stay safe
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  5. You don’t see many sports tourers these days, seems it’s adv bikes for mile munchers these days.
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  6. Can’t be doing with adventure style bikes DS, they weigh a ton ( not that the Ninja is a featherweight!) but I always find that the aerodynamics are bloody terrible on them , too much buffeting and wind noise for my liking and don’t like the way the totally upright riding position puts all the weight on your jacksy, makes it numb, also when you hit a bump, the shock goes straight up your spine :confounded:, far more comfy being canted forward slightly to spread your weight evenly between your thighs, bum and hands
    I’m still waiting for Ducati to build a nice 180bhp V4 sports tourer, with nice sleek red bodywork, I’d have one instantly :upyeah:
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  7. I fear the age of the sports tourer in it’s conventional sense has passed, your Ninja looks just the job.

    Coming back up from London yesterday there were lots of adv bikes heading South on the M40, it got me thinking that if they just wanted to munch miles a traditional sports tourer would be a much better option.
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  8. miss read the ‘canted’ word there with disastrous consequences. I do wonder if there will be a few more sports tourers in the next years
  9. I remember talking to a guy on the Chunnel about 5 or 6 years ago who had just bought a 1200 GS for touring on , had the 3 daft aluminium bins on it and his missus, ( a svelte 20 stone or so :thinkingface: ) and he was complaining about the fuel consumption if he cruised at anything near or over 80 mph.

    I can remember thinking, “ well I’m not surprised really, because him, the bike, the panniers and the wife looked about as aerodynamic as a garden shed!” ….and your trying to shove this lot through the air at 80 mph! :(
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  10. I had a ‘17 model, went round Wales on it, it did everything perfectly adequately, the seat was bloody uncomfortable though, I dread to think what the previous years was like as it was supposed to be an improvement on that!

    Mrs wasn’t a fan either. So when we parted company one afternoon on the A272 (the bike, not the mrs) I used the payout to buy my Multistrada. Tbh I really wasn’t that gutted about it, which kind of sums it up….
  11. Understandable, hence my use of the word “ expendable “ in the last paragraph above, it’s a great “ workhorse “ does everything right and is so easy to live with, bulletproof etc, but it hasn’t got under my skin like my lovely little 899 has, so it’s very fit for purpose for what I want to do with it, horses for courses etc :upyeah:
    Have to say that the 20 model updates have made a big difference to the bike, my mate has a 15 plate one and that feels nowt like my bike :thinkingface:
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