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Nl Stolen Bikes

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes/Parts' started by bradders, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Wtf?/!!

    Just seen on FB they have said a bunch of bikes have been stolen from the truck coming back from estoril. I’m guessing the koji bike is one of them.

    Absolute scum! And fair play to NL coming out with the news rather than letting the internet rumours do their thing I’m sure they are insured and will at least sort the cost out.

    But what about the future?!

  2. Where did it happen?
  3. My mate's R6 has been stolen.
    Initial report to me, was mine had been taken, apparently she still there.
  4. Truly hope that is the case Andy
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  5. Honestly 2020 can fuck off
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  6. I’m guessing the Swindon depot
  7. It has been a nightmare year for NL (and FE). They must have looked oblivion in the face a few times in 2020. This incident will not help.

    If you like your track days hot, dry and cheap(ish) we need to support these guys.
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  8. Terrible news
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  9. Anyone who blames NL needs a slap on the head. They didn’t choose to have thieves nick them. They have a supply chain who has never had the issue before.

    People to blame are the scum who nicked them.

    Sometimes people miss that point: it’s not because your back door was open you were burgled, it’s not your fault, it’s the scum who walked in and nicked everything
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  10. I was at the debrief at it was you who left the back door open ....
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  11. Also if you are not very good at shutting the door and constantly leave it open then more fool you... shock horror the world is full of thieving devious bastards .... and that’s just the big companies!
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  12. I was just reading some FB posts, and this happened to FE a few years ago, but only kit. What was interesting was they only cover up to max 5k per person....I hope that’s not the same for NL! But you can pay a bunch more cash and get cover!!
  13. I’ve often wondered how good that insurance would be...

    it’s a sitting duck to be honest. Those yards aren’t even remotely secure.

  14. I don’t think anything would happen to NL they’re very big and in bed with MSV.

    Mark the guy that owns it turns over some very nice and appealing figures.
  15. I think it’s very difficult when speculating on the facts ... is it the same insurance policy for transporting across Europe as say sitting in a supposed secure yard
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  16. Turnover and profit are two hugely different things, he operates on a wafer thin margin and makes profit on volume, he has multiple 5 figure losses across his euro trips this year and his UK business is all but decimated, he will lose a substantial sum this year.

    Look at Pret, closing multiple stores and seeing 8 years growth go down the pan, massive revenue but tiny margins.
  17. Didn’t pret say they lost 5yrs of growth in Q1 this year. Terrible.
  18. The hardest thing will be proving all the shiny parts that were on track bikes. Easy enough for loss adjusters to
    quote market values for the bikes, but what about all the extras. Its easy to throw 10k at a bike in bits and bobs.
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  19. Well I am four square behind NL with five dates booked and deposit paid for 2021. Valencia and Jerez October and November in 2020.
    TDs are important to me and I do not want firms like NL to become a casualty of some very bizarre government decisions.
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  20. Comment I’ve made on here before about dealers car and bikes. Lot of folks expect the dealers to do everything for next to nothing allow a test drive free of charge, cup of coffee have smoke blow up their arse. Then go and buy car or bike from some online company. Then wonder why the dealer shuts down or doesn’t want to do warranty work. Turnover doesn’t pay wages ( I’ll shut up now ) :innocent:
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