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748 Noisy Pump

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by cakeman, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Removed the tank the other day to fit new air filters and give the top of the engine a bit of a clean, anyway whilst removing the tank I managed to crack one of the quick release fittings (one of the 90 degree ones) so I ordered one of these from ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ducati-M...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 , fitted it no problem once it arrived but now when I turn the ignition on as well as the normal fuel pump noise there is a high pitched whistle which stops once the pump is primed but can still be heard slightly once the engine is running, I lifted the tank again to make sure I'd connected everything ok and when I disconnected the new coupling I noticed the "O" ring had swollen and gone a bit loose on the fitting after only being fitted a day so I'm assuming it is not compatible with petrol, luckily I'd still got the old fitting so swapped the "O" rings over (not ideal I know but I needed to use the bike), anyway no problems with leaking or anything but the whistling is still there, bikes starts, ticks over and runs fine but still makes a faint noise, it's only started since fitting the new coupling so I'm almost certain it's linked to that but I just wondered if anybody else had any problems with these fittings. I'll investigate further next week as I've got a fuel filter on it's way.
  2. Short video....
  3. Had a few O rings off stu and haven’t had any problems with them swelling... @Exige

    When I change / remove the fuel pump or lines, I get a whistling the first couple of times I prime the fuel pump. How many times have you cycled the fuel pump now?

  4. Probably cycled the pump a couple of dozen times, also been out for a 10 mile ride, bike performs normally, no hesitation or stuttering. If I lift the tank and put a bit of pressure on the new fitting the sound almost disappears. The o ring had definitely swollen and when I tried to put the fitting back in it wouldn't go back in as it had expanded, luckily the old o ring was in decent condition so I just swapped them.
  5. Sounds like it could be a dodgy fitting then. Stupid question, the fuel lines aren’t kinked are they?
  6. I’ll double check tomorrow but I don’t think so.
  7. Does anybody know if this is the correct part number for the equivalent fitting from Tom Parker please cLCD230-06v.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I have the same problem on my 1997 916, i was thinking of getting the pump changed at the next service.
  9. My ST4 used to do this every time I started it after a period of not being used (approx 3 or 4 weeks) I put it down to the fuel pump being 'dry'. It doesn't seem to do it now, or I haven't noticed it for a few years now. Has never caused a problem
  10. Mine does this all the time after its not been started for more than a week.
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  11. Mine too and it has so done for over ten years. For the o rings you need Viton (green) ones, which were supposed to be supplied with the fitting, otherwise they will react with the fuel, swell and start leaking. When you replace them I recommend smearing a light film of petroleum jelly over the o ring before pushing the fitting home as the o rings are easily damaged/nicked when you push the fitting together and it makes it easier to close the joint. The proper o rings are easily available and can be bought direct from a dealer like Moto Rapido part number 040017030 or bought from a bearing/seal vendor for a few pence each if you have the dimensions, get some spares. Exige on here (Exact UK where the fitting came from) should be able to sort you out with a few spares if yoy message him
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  12. motor tone is unusual but at least pitch is high and consistent so as others have said, would persevere with it to see if it becomes quieter in time - makes you wonder if it's purging air or filter fitting not fully sealing - repeating with a full tank would confirm this (maybe it is already). As said, correct Viton seal around fuel pump assy is vital and and keep away from WD40 or similar, even heat from hands/over-cleaning doesn't help to maintain size.
  13. Not all Viton are green, all mine are viton and are black, depends on the supply source.
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  14. I just played the video and it set the dogs off:)

    Mine does not whistle even after changing the QR coupling. o_O
  15. My pump is now quiet as i bought a replacement on ebay. Re the seals, I have had the tank off so many times I found that if i did not get the fuel connections off at the right angle. If I tilted them when putting them on or off the seals sometimes caught. Then of course could leak. They are not expensive and as Denzil mentioned I also use silicon grease when putting on any seals. Re the noise I guess it depends if it annoys you as if it is running okay? Could some of the noise be linked to vibration if you lift the tank and it changes the tone? Vinnychoff

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