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Featured Normality Is Resumed...sort Of

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Symon Moore, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. 574C28CC-7A43-4BDC-B38F-EAFC3AD7EEB3.jpeg Fave Coffee shop, bike parked where I can see it, failing again not to buy the Rocky Road slice which contains approx 1m calories but is clearly crafted from the nectar of the Gods. :yum
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  2. Shirley, not too far away from me.
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  3. No, his name is Symon.
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  4. Stop calling me 'Shirley'
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  5. Sounds good is your nickname The Pieman?;)
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  6. Yep not too far Darth, if you’re in Worcester. Could’ve easily been talked into a Hypermotard there recently if I could’ve reached the floor on it
  7. Shirley suits you as a name actually
  8. Thought the newer 950 had the lowest seat height or is the width of the seat wider?
  9. Think it’s 870 which is about 30 higher than my 1098. Could’ve been a wide seat too, not sure, but I was very surprised that it was too high for my 5’11 frame to feel comfortable. I’ll need to look at lowered seat options if I ever decide to scratch that itch!
  10. Coffee Shop:astonished:..... "Coffee Lounge" surely, if it's in Shirley.
  11. just down the road from my dads house :upyeah:

    do you ever go to stratford on avon bike night, its every Wednesday evening
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