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Norton Deposit Info, It's Demise & It’s New Owners

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by John W, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Soooo.
    Anyone on here got a V4 on order ?

    I hear the first customer bikes are due to be delivered this side of Christmas, with the SS''s all delivered by May.

    Just wondering if anyone has dipped a toe, as I don't see much talk about them lately, and a quick Web search doesn't turn up many forum posts on them.
  2. Most will end up in a dark room never to be seen out on the open road.
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  3. That's probably true of the SS which is limited numbers, Not sure about the RR though as it's a production bike.

    I guess no one else fancied buying one then except the guy on the thread a year or so back.
    Maybe more chat will appear once the bikes actually arrive.

    A bunch of us did their factory tour a few weeks back. The bike looks real nice, definitely tempting.
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  4. Any photos? please.
  5. I’ve heard too many horror stories from Norton owners to ever consider one. They look very nice but are designed to be garage queens.
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  6. Here you go.
    All carbon bodywork.

    This bike has optional carbon wheels (£1k5) and full titanium system (£4k :dizzy: ).
    Standard bike has red wheels.
    No mirrors, it has a rear facing camera instead :)

    The other option is chrome panels. Their sales info says its paint but having a chat with them, its not surprisingly a [email protected]@rd to touch any chips, so they are now wrapping in chrome effect instead.


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  7. Jimmy, I would be interested to hear those horror stories (openly or via pm).
    Only stuff I had heard was historic, nothing recent.
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  8. Thanks, it looks great.
  9. And now in chrome with red wheels :cool:


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  10. I nearly owned a Dominator, went to the NEC show in November '16 met Stuart put an order in for a March '17 delivery, by May still no sign of the bike or confirmation of when it would be ready, I'd been asked for full payment which I made. In the end they refunded my money no quibble. Stuart was an awesome guy and all the people I talked to were great, they just couldn't get their $hit together it seemed. Talked to a few owners since, not many out there with over a couple of K miles that haven't had at least one trip back to the factory. I so want them to succeed but it's an avoid for me, for now....the V4 looked amazing in the flesh.
  11. Thanks Bubble.
    Deposit on the SS was £4k, but on the RR it is £500, refundable at any time. They are quoting 12 month delivery times.
    Having been to the 'factory' it does have the feeling of a cottage industry, not a proper assembly line.

    I agree, there is a concern over what might be lurking. They have been racing with the rolling chassis, so that should be fine, but they were using the Aprilia engine. Ricardo have built their new V4 and there are clips of it running on the dyno, plus they have been doing a bunch of testing. Just how that translates into a real world road bike/track bike, I guess the first set of owners might soon find out ;)
  12. Doubt I'd be able to afford one, but I'd have one in a heart beat. If they need one tested round s.london and home counties gimme a call. They can have my pani.
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  13. @John W reading between the lines the issue I experienced was a number of stars aligning but not in a good way. Norton experienced supply chain issues for components, staff turnover, overseas order commitments needing to be met on a priority basis with existing orders, not being fully ready to move to Euro4 etc. Whoever buys anything that isn't ready to go with a PDI and a reg. plate i.e custom order has to get into a different mindset than purchasing from an "industrialised" brand was the conclusion I drew. I hope for their sake they can deliver, I'd sure love to see some out in the wild rather than through cigar smoke into a glass cabinet.
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  14. It was a beauty....

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  15. I put my deposit on one in February 17. I'm hoping that I'll be riding it next Summer but I'm not going to hold my breath given the delays thus far. It will be my "for riding" bike although I'm a fair weather rider these days so it isn't going to do big miles.
    I'm happy to wait for them to get it right rather than release them early and have problems as I don't need a new bike, but the chance of a proper British bike like this was too good to pass up.
    Oh, and I'm going for the chrome one as I prefer it to the carbon having looked at both several times.
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  16. Good to see they might be making progress. A mate has a deposit on the carbon one over here but it might be a while. Worth the wait I think. Beautiful bike.
  17. If I had the money, I’d have the chrome one in a heartbeat.

    It was my understanding though, that they ditched the Aprilia quite some time ago and have been using their own design ever since (we’re talking a year or more I believe).
  18. Was lucky wnough to have a chrome SS secured and alao a carbon RR. However with delivery due summer 2017. And now winter 2018 cancelled both - got a full refund and sure they will be great but other manufatureers beat them to it
    With the V4s. Shame. Still no firm del dates either!
  19. A fine looking bike.
  20. Spikelikemike, sorry to hear you cancelled your orders, but I can understand why, I don't think I would be best pleased if it was that late either.
    I have an RR on order, time will tell how long I end up waiting.
    I was offered an upgrade to a cancelled SS order earlier this week, the price is too strong for me though.
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