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Norton Deposit Info, It's Demise & It’s New Owners

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by John W, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. We had a chat with him in Lincoln and were asking about the coat-hanger story... he swears blind that's true. I love Whitham, he's great and a genuinely nice chap... just likes yakking about bikes with whoever wants to it seems, either that or he's an incredible actor. My favourite cyclops.
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  2. So how long do we think before the Chip Wrap ( mcn, it's good for now't else) runs it's 'exclusive, world first Norton expose' front page dross?
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  3. MCN are in a bit of a difficult spot. As the self claimed leading experts on all things motorcycle, how can they report on Norton crash, unless they claim it was a total shock and surprise? Furthermore by claiming ignorance of the situation, they will make themselves look stupid.

    I bet they just lament the passing of a great marque (again) sad end of a beautiful dream blah blah.... With lots of pics of the glory days.
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  4. He tells a story about buying his first plane with a mate and flying it back unlicensed
  5. Oh yes.

    One of the problems about taking this story into print has been the share scale of it.

    At least two separate teams spread over three publications have been working on the financial background alone for months, and that's just the dosh. You don't want to come too soon ;) but the administration thing overtook events and kind of forced the Guardian / ITVs hand before they were completely ready.

    In other words there is more to come...
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  6. For anyone out there who has a deposit or worse down on a Norton please message me as info for us is very limited as the banks to work this swindle rely on us behaving as mushrooms!
  7. Thread moved
  8. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2020/february/ccm-2019-sales/

    Not sure if they are delivering though as read on another forum there are a lot of pissed off customers who haven’t had bikes delivered.

    As usual MCN ignore this...
  9. I've seen more CCM bikes on the road than Norton.
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  10. Love how Stuart Garner is unable to verify how many customers they've swindled and no mention of Superlight owners. How many Stuart? "Erm about 600 mi lud".

    At least his reputation is shot to shit now.
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  11. One poor soul, drove down from Scotland to the factory after paying in full and came away with a frame? Airfix could be a new scam for Garner, free part with every issue of "Pensions Advisory Monthly" First issue £10,000 each subsequent issue to be decided depending on how empty the coffers are.
  12. Just looking through my old emails from Norton I received this one when I enquired about upgrading my Superlight order to the carbon from Kay Johnson. This was back end of November when they knew they were in the brown, smelly stuff.

    The Superlight SS is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

    The price is £49,995 and a deposit of £10,000 will secure – if you wanted to change to this limited edition we will transfer the deposit you have paid against your Superlight and then request the deposit balance.

    I have attached the spec sheet and look forward to your response.



    Kay Johnson

    Head of Global Sales & Marketing
  13. Scumbags pure and simple. No difference between them and moped muggers, or dope selling knife shits.
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  14. Spoke to that Kay on a couple of occasions, she is definitely complicit no wonder SG employed here like him a natural born liar.
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  15. Rude, unhelpful, entitled and probably the person in most desperate need of a course in customer services that it has ever been my misfortune to converse with.
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  16. I got a phone call from "Ray", there new (and i guess short lived) sales representative 8wks ago, he wanted to speak to me about my V4 order, i suspect he was going to ask for more money, but thank God i never answered his call and part with any more notes!
  17. The clothes are nice
    Good quality.
    I ordered load.
  18. I got a t shirt and its really good quality. Proably because is franchised out to Pepe Jeans, Espana & nothing to do with these scuzzer thieves.
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