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Norton Deposit Info, It's Demise & It’s New Owners

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by John W, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Presumably this happened before BDO came in?
  2. This was a complete bike. In for a warranty claim on the chrome paint. Kept getting excuses of delays.

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  3. I had a similar email. Even worse, some guy called me around 6th January to try and pursuade me to place an order again and pay a deposit for either a Superlight or the SS. They must have know they were in evenmore trouble then!
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  4. Martin Halsall's?
  5. Striping customers bikes has got to be the lowest of the low, I wonder if lick arse mcn will report such things
  6. Workers must've been complicit in this.
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  7. Or following instruction on threat of dismissal - pretty poor show however it came about :(
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  8. Ah, the ‘only following orders’ ruse :eyes:
  9. And so soon :joy:
  10. Vidal Sa-soon :thinkingface::D
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  11. Ahh, the old Nuremberg defence..
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  12. Indeed, hard to know what may have been going on but best to blame Garner personally for everything - like that Hitler bloke :D
  13. That is beyond reproach, where do you stand with something like that? Police? Solicitor? Insurance for theft will not work surely?

    And to cap it all off there's no one to sue and the reality is there probably aren't the parts anywhere to put it back together...that's a shitty situation I really feel for the person affected.
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  14. I'll be honest and say I would walk away from a job rather than commit these sort of acts, and so yes, I am afraid I would class the workers as complicit. Another one of these is John McGuinness. I've got a huge amount of respect for what he's achieved but he's in the trade where this has all been an open secret for ages, and he was happy to play along with the marketing and tweet about the owners picking up their bikes and 'take a bow Norton', he must have known that some of those bikes weren't even complete, owners were leaving disappointing etc.

    The whole thing is just terribly sad. Stuart Garner will walk away free though, and probably with his assets protected and money in the bank. He 'may' be banned from being a director for a few years but I'm sure he'll be okay...
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  15. Karma my boy, karma...he will come unstuck all of his ilk do at some point.
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  16. Well I hope so.... but we will see. I guess by the end of the summer it will have all come out with the wash.
  17. Be years before it all comes out - really crap for those who have lost
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  18. John Hamilton. It is on Twitter
  19. I agree, in that situation I would be out the door PDQ. Striping a customers bike at the behest of a guy I know is still urging more sales whilst it must have been obvious to all there it was over. Employers can persuade us all to do many things but they wouldn't make me accesory to theft, so Garner can steal another 30K from someone...
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  20. Unbelievable this has happened again...
    I recall this going on back when they had their last (!) financial issues, maybe 2012.
    They obviously assumed they could shift a few more, get the money in and then rebuild that bike, but got caught out.

    I've contacted my bank but since I paid by Debit card there isnt much chance of getting anything. Also got the paperwork from the administrators.
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