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Norton Deposit Info, It's Demise & It’s New Owners

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by John W, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. if those that where stripping bikes knew why they where stripping bikes. fuck em. you wouldn't accept, I was just following orders, in any other walk of life.
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  2. You wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it.
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  3. We'll never know the full truth on this one,a bit like the Lord Lucan/doctor David Kelly/princess Diana/monroe etc...
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  4. As an employee, the only way I can see it is if they were effectively lied too.

    "Oh, Dave. Take those rims off that bike in for the warranty claim and use them to complete that other order. We've got a rim delivery next week and his replacement panels will be 3 weeks"

    ... Knowing full well those bits were never going to arrive because nobody is paying the suppliers.
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  5. More likely ‘do it or your sacked’
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  6. Part of the establishment.....bet a large part of those millions been used to pay for nice holidays. Anyone up for a 15k Carribean Holiday? :)
  7. Wouldn’t stoop so low as to spend that little
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  8. So is he still at large or hanging out with Ghislaine?
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  9. Let’s hope he’s on the Ghislaine and falls off!

    I spent some time in a previous life investigating white collar crime, doing the forensic accounting on it and attempting to recover money for those that had been defrauded. It’s sad to say but white collar crime pays if you have a distorted moral compass. It’s nigh on impossible to follow the money trail, nigh on impossible to gather enough evidence to prosecute and impossible to get a jury that can understand it, follow it and make a reasoned judgement. The sad thing is this shyster will not face jail. He will be barred from being a company director for 5-10 years, he will be barred from being a pension trustee for life, he will suffer no financial pain, he will not end up with a criminal record, he will undoubtedly have ill gotten gains squirrelled away somewhere and he will be able to do it again and defraud others in the future if he so desires. Just my experience.
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  10. He should be shot with a ball of his own shit!
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  11. Fingers crossed then.
  12. Fingers definitely crossed, despite conflicting information in above Visordown link. Things have changed/few comparisons now but shame a cooperative can't be set up of the kind that saved "NVT" in 1977, i'm sure there must be many like-minded souls.
  13. I'm sure there are, it's just finding the cash to fund it going forwards that's always the issue, let alone finding some cash to pay the creditors something to get shot of them and get it out of administration, even if that something is only a few pence in the £ which is probably where it will end up - poor sods who paid deposits in good faith and Garner couldn't even put that into an escrow account for them - of course he wouldn't would he?
  14. GWS but first stipulation I feel all would agree on before any future progress would be insistence on removing/replacing S.G. Probably a lot easier said than done.
  15. Will it be...someone buys for a pound, gets loads of investment, then fucks off again having lined their own pockets?

    Cynic? Possibly.
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