Norton Superlight 650

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  1. 0CECBA63-D433-40E1-9E11-B31277F84F37.jpeg I’ve gone over to the dark side just put a deposit on one of these .Went to the NEC with the intention of buying a V4R .
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  2. built to race in the lightweight TT buy any chance??
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  4. Yes they are racing them in the TT this year (and also thunder sports ?) looks a a real nice package for the road circa 115 bhp with race pipe and around 150kg .
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  5. Stunning bike, couldn't stop going back to keep looking at it along with the V4. For me Norton totally stole the show with these two bikes, especially when they fired up the V4. Doing my sums ever since I got home.
  6. nice bike but that front mud guard!! :thinkingface::scream:
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  7. Nice, that looks ace
  8. Is it me or has the aerodynamic design of the mudguard taken precedence over the caliper cooling function ? Given the hoorah at the launch of the Brembo Stilema caliper, surely you need air flow over the caliper for effective heat transfer. Andy
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  9. Is the air not going to be ram air type forced on to all the braking components? Surely been a few hours in a wind tunnel developing air flow, I’m sure it cools ok, must have been hours on track in hot weather soon be found out if it gets too hot.
  10. From the one picture posted, it looks like the trailing edge of the front mudguard covers the upper part of the caliper which would take it out of the air flow ? I just wonder if this is a prototype/mockup which looks nothing like the final production model. Andy
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  11. A beautiful thing.

    I must admit to being seduced by the Atlas Nomad and put a deposit down before the NEC show. I think they'll take a lot of orders and hope to get it for next Summer. Norton seem to be doing things right at the moment.
    Norton new.jpg
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  12. Sod whether it works , it looks shite!
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  13. That particular mudguard is an option , it also comes with conventional mudguard, I’m still undecided no rush as expected delivery date is July 2019 ?...
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  14. I am really interested in this, I spoke at length with the guys on the stand and said that if they dropped the Carbon tank and Carbon Wheels and replaced with Forged wheels and kept the Ohlins, could they bring it in nearer £16k. It would still be as much as an R1 for 100hp but I wouldn't mind if the craftmanship was top notch as I don't want a bike for it's ultimate power on the road.

    However... I've since been thinking about it, I don't get how it can be 105hp and be in 'road trim' like the spec sheet says, as supertwin teams struggle to get that out of super highly tuned race twins.

    I can't help but think that if it gets made (they said they won't even start making production bikes until after the TT) I think it's going to be nearer 85hp, that's my gut feel, and that isn't enough even with it only weighing sub 160KG
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  15. That's good then because the rest of the bike looks cracking.
  16. Looks the part and has it's own urostomy bag builtin for those very long journeys;):upyeah:
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  17. I'm guessing this is a parallel twin engine??
  18. Yes it’s a parallel twin.
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  19. Lovely looking bike!

    I constantly hear bad things about customers being let down and poor reliability, have things improved?
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