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Featured 748 Not A 748

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Blah blah, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. I've always wanted a yellow 748 after riding a red one around Cadwell on a Ducati Experience many, many years ago and have been looking for one recently but it seems that I've bought a white 853 instead...


    You may recognise it from here https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/old-school-748-revival.72860/

    What I liked was all the oily and bouncy bits have been sorted but it's not pristine so I can use it and change other bits as I go along. Some stickers have already come off and more will follow, any furry bolts will get changed and any corroded bits will get treated (and 2 bins to keep some people happy!)


    This evening the tail got swapped for the BP (no pictures because it's dark) however I now need a stock undertray and perhaps a tail tidy.

    And a sprocket cover because it doesn't have one.

    And a headlight bulb... how the f do you change the low beam? The bulb wire disappears into the headlight pod and I really hope I don't have to take everything apart just to change a flipping bulb.

    And some brake light bulbs and the bit of rubber that goes on the bottom of the stock light to stop it rattling.

    And a proper sized number plate as I don't like running small ones

    And a monoposto if I can find one at the right price just because :D

    Fun times ahead, thanks for selling it to me Neil the bike is great, I'm so happy and cannot wait to get out and use it.
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  2. Safest purchase ever, you can't put a price on buying from one of the most dependable and capable specialists in the South of England.
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  3. I absolutely agree (mostly).
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  4. FTFY, not a problem
  5. Looks like a great purchase -enjoy.
  6. Glad you’re happy Anthony. It was good to meet you and the family. We found the harbour, fish and chips and a paddle before we headed back.
    It’ll be a great road bike. I’ll have a look for some of the bits. I should have a the rubber for the tail lights. Maybe even a sprocket cover?
    The headlight should be ok? There’s only low beam on one side and the other is hi beam.
    Enjoy her :)
  7. Careful with the the southern references Chris….. I’ll get deported if the locals up here think I’ve defected :p
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  8. Good to meet you too, hopefully the drive back wasn't too horrendous.

    The headlights are either side lights or high beam, no dipped at all but it's only a bulb and it gives me excuse to spend a bit more time in the garage so it's not a problem ! If you can let me know on the bits that would be great and we can sort something out.
  9. Sorry Neil, poor wording by me, partly tongue in cheek, it was late and we all want to feel that you are not far away when in trouble! This is totally immaterial I know but I had a look just for fun and for example:- Deadwater to you is approx 211 miles and you to (say) Brighton is approx 204 miles so not much in it, and people will argue it's not as the crow flies/you didn't pick the most Northern part of the border (but then I didn't pick the most Southern part either) etc etc etc ..
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  10. If that’s the bike I’m thinking it is Anthony you’ve done well there, Neil had a number 46 sticker on it and would ride it around Sutton in Ashfield wearing fake tan whilst putting on a fake Italian accent, he fooled no one so I guess that explains the sale! :), great bike, well done.
  11. Just out of interest if someone is colour blind what colour does this bike look like?

  12. Your sprocket cover.....put a 848 one on it! They are black plastic not that cheep oem grey and they have ducati embossed in the top face! If you can’t see mine by zooming in I will take a pic for you although I’m having trouble uploading pics atm!!
  13. If you can see it???

  14. I also highlighted “ducati” with red enamel paint
  15. I’ve a sprocket cover and biposto undertray if interested
  16. I bid for a privately owned 748R Mk2 low mileage example last week but he wanted £17K for it saying that the Bike Specialists in Sheffield told him they recently sold one at that price..

    I tried advising him that he would be very lucky to get anywhere near that price privately but, he wouldn’t move..

  17. So, tail changed for the original, undertray bought and fitted, lights fixed, sprocket cover fitted, stickers removed and I finally managed to get out on it the other day for a quick short blat.


    and with the mini-me playing spot the difference


    So, first impressions are that it aint no S2r 800...

    The clutch is as loud as the pipes at tickover, it pops and bangs at 3-4k on over run with flames out of the back apparently, it fries your legs if you try to do 30mph for a bit, is hard on the wrists and the suspension feels quite firm.

    However, once you're moving it all clicks. I was expecting a big surge of torque but it never appears, it just keeps pulling (only took it to about 9000rpm so far). Throw it into a corner (on brand new tyres) and there are no dramas and even though it was a nice and easy short run, I seem to have lost most of the chicken strips already.


    It is one hell of a machine, big grins all round and can't wait to get out on it again but first I need to sort out the front brake.

    I've got the adjustable span lever set to it's most 'outy', position 1 I think, but the lever traps my fingers as there's less than 10mm between lever and bars. On 4 it doesn't even operate the brakes before hitting the bars so it's a bit concerning.

    Pumping them doesn't make a difference so it isn't air in the system and it's had new pads and fluids so I'm after for ideas of what I can do.

    edit - after more searching I found a suggestion that bleeding the m/c may cure it (I've never heard of a m/c having a bleed nipple but there's one there, job for tomorrow is to have a look at that)
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  18. Looks great now the decals are gone. The seat unit looks well to, especially with the black pads in place :)
    Give the front brake a bleed at the master cylinder. It had held up fine and was a good lever when I rode it for the first few times.
    Does pull well though doesn't it :) Enjoy
    Mito looks well to btw.
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  19. Brake bled at the m/c and all sorted, I like these quick fixes.

    Now that's sorted, it's time to go and see what it / I can do (while avoiding all of the tourists)
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  20. I had an early morning blat along the local roads the other day until I ran out of Country and had to turn back.


    Going there was along roads I've done quite a lot on the S2r and the 748 was quite hard work compared to it, it's many miles of tight and twisty road and I normally just grab the Monster by the scruff and throw it about, the 748 took a bit more input.

    However, from Lands End back to Penzance it's a different type of road, much more open and flowing and quite how anyone rides anything newer / faster than this without doing stupid speeds everywhere or riding like a complete loon, I don't know. Corners were a blur, cars dispatched with a quick flick of the wrist and it just keeps pulling and pulling.

    It's a glorious looking thing as well (arty looking picture taken at a local bike show)


    The front can feel a bit vague and understeery at times but the tyre still has the release 'tags' on so may just need a bit more scrubbing - I have always been quite heavy on the front and would wear the sides of the front tyre out quicker than the middle on my old ZXR750 so it may just be me !
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