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Not A Kardashian Comment

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Symon Moore, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. I mean she looks pretty good here but I suspect I could’ve done the same with half an hour on photoshop, however have you ever noticed that more often than not, when a model is draped over a bike for a photoshoot, it’s a Ducati?
    We are the go to bikes for poseurs!

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  2. Red, throbbing, sex, need I say more:)

    A green Kawa or a grey Honda wouldn't quite cut it.
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  3. @Loz I can only hazard a guess as to why you might find this post “useful” :joy:
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  4. I shouldn't, in all honesty.

    : o D
  5. I accept she's not on the motorcycle but............:yum
  6. I think Ducati has a way to go to catch up with Harley's for pose-mobiles. But this works for me!
  7. Devalued that superlaggera....
  8. MV has caused a stir with this aimed at fat wallets & small penis ;p

  9. Good grief, that actually is bike porn!
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  10. imagesBM2UNMCL.jpg motogp-german-gp-2008-kawasaki-grid-girls.jpg 2008-Kawasaki-motogp-girl-9.jpg 6e1e334bf6335008ed0c780b475f382e.jpg umbrella-girl-bol-or-7.jpg
  11. Nah that doesn’t count. That’s a Kwak advertising a Kwak. Clearly they’re gonna use their own bikes for that. Here’s one I’ve had in the bank for a while now: The glorious Nicola McLean even makes a 749 look good ;) (joking....honest!)

  12. Green girls, sooooo much more doirty and slutty looking :heart_eyes:
  13. OK, OK, I get the point.
    Don't get me wrong I like Kwaks. Had a 250 triple thingy many moons ago, would love an original Z900, but hey ho, when it comes to bike sex it's still not red, throbbing, sex.
    Mind you that MV ad above. Has to be for Italian TV (would never see that on Irish terrestrial) - I want one, providing she strokes my red thingy :D
  14. The MV ad looks like a James Bond intro from back in the day.
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  15. Right you lot, I’ve had an excuse tonight. Several large Taliskers & a night in on my own. You two are in trouble when DB spots this thread. I’m pleading substance abuse :D
  16. When they said my MV will arrive with a box of goodies I clearly misunderstood what they were talking about.
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