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For Sale ***now Sold*** 2011 Multistrada 1200s - Superb Condition

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Ro-man, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. Hi All - I'm updating this post **AND LOWERING MY EARLIER ASKING PRICE** because I'm looking to sell.

    2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200s

    It's in superb condition with one previous owner, this bike has FSH, low miles. This 'S' touring model has all of the features you'd expect from this particular model - integrated factory heated grips, four riding modes, traction control, ABS, fantastic Ohlins suspension and panniers. Also comes with centre stand, which is handy for chain maintenance etc.

    The bike has had several bits of work done recently, including new break pads (front & rear), new battery, new gear selector spring and new seals on front forks (the forks alone cost me around £600!), in addition clutch plates have been changed. Most importantly, the DESMO service has been completed and new belts were fitted approx 18 months ago. All books and receipts are provided along with the red key. The clocks were replaced about a year and a half ago (common problem on the earlier model Multi's) and so the mileage reads around 6k, but the actual mileage is around 18,500. I'll give full details to anyone interested.

    The bike has a number of extras, including:

    - Garmin Satellite navigation system mounted
    - PowerBronze screen
    - Tank pad
    - R&B crash bungs
    - radiator guard
    - plenty of wear left on front tyre - back could do with changing in the next 1k miles
    - MOT completed 28.01.20 so almost 9 months left

    Dave from Ducati Wandsworth says 'this is probably one of the best examples he's seen for the age'. Selling because I don't ride it enough. Average asking price seems to be around £6,500+ (up to £8k) for comparable 2010 - 2013 models - this bike has 18.5k miles and I've reduced my asking price from asking £6k+ to £5,750.

    Not to be passed up if you want an excellent example. Feel free to contact me if you want more info! 07892705644.




    20191005_124519 (1).jpg

    20191005_124527 (1).jpg

    20191005_124536 (1).jpg


    20191005_124620 (1).jpg

    20191005_124636 (1).jpg




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  2. @Ro-man did you sell this bike in the end or do you still have it?

    edited : just realised you haven't been around for the last 11 weeks so probably won't see this message. I'll phone.
  3. Hey West Cork Paul, just resisted if you're still interested...
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  4. Nice bike, but I’m sorted for now thanks:upyeah: GLWS
  5. No worries @West Cork Paul - ride safe!
  6. Good luck with the sale. That’s a very good price for what looks to be a nice Multistrada. I’ve got the 2010 model and absolutely love it and have had mine for around 6 years now I think .
  7. Thanks for your feedback @Red 1... happy riding! ;)
  8. Hi - you have a pm
  9. That is a nice looking bike
  10. Thanks @nodrog ... I'll be sad to see her go!
  11. :upyeah:
  12. I can understand that,the Multi ticks many boxes and yours looks like a great buy .GLWS
  13. @Ro-man looks a lot of bike for the ££££ mate.

    still look upto date with current bikes. Doesn't look 8 years old.

    I noticed the DOT code on rear tyre is 2012, surely its not on its original tyres still??
  14. Cheers @HyperActivePaul ! :upyeah::) ...she's been sold this morning. As i went to start her up last night, the bike wouldn't turn on. I charged battery overnight and then changed the battery in the key. Neither seemed to work, although the bike did start, but the key wasn't registering as usual. Not sure if there's an issue with the transponder? Anyone had this issue before? Not my problem now, but if anyone knows what the potential cause is, I could pass it onto the new proud owner.
  15. I possibly have haD similar, looks like it’s the connection with the key fob battery, I put some card in to stop it from moving, behaving much better now!
  16. I've used tin foil in the past also
  17. Thanks Michael! Incidentally, I did actually put some card behind the transmitter / battery plate in the key this morning as there is a bit of a rattle with the key - always been like that since i had it - i figure it'd been dropped at some point and one of the clips is broken. Didn't seem to help, but may be worth playing around with the card...
  18. :upyeah:
  19. Above all remember this is a Ducati
  20. :joy: True that!...
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